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How new technology is shaping gathering of crucial intelligence

by kenya-tribune


Jane Mugo, CEO Trimo Security during interview at Nation Centre on December 13, 2018. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO  

Technology is exploding at an exponential rate, disrupting businesses in all sectors. Law enforcement, security and investigation have not been spared these defining changes.

While investigation into a crimes has been enhanced a great deal by advancement in technology, new encrypted phone apps and virtual private networks have also made it easier for people to hide and to cover their tracks.

Security and investigation expert Jane Mugoh says technology is crucial in gathering fundamental economic information and market intelligence, collection of evidence, and forensic investigations. This, she says, necessitates, the use of modern gadgets such as drones and hidden cameras to determine suspects.

“The use of technology will cut our workload by half, drastically reducing on the time taken to process each particular assignment,” says Jane Mugoh, the chief executive officer of Trimo Security and Private Investigations Ltd.

“This will give the firm more muscle to handle multiple investigations simultaneously…,” she says

Drones are now part and parcel of evidence-gathering efforts. Unmanned drones are important in patrolling in ways and areas that investigation teams and sleuths are incapable of reaching.

Besides, drones provide real-time information to investigators and crime analysts.

“This gives vital information about crimes in progress and dangerous situations, as they unfold. It also helps the police to better plan responses and save lives,” says Ms Mugoh (below).

Drones can also capture video and images of crimes as they occur, providing crucial evidence in future court proceedings.

“Imagine a bank robbery in progress; a surveillance drone could be quickly dispatched to the area and follow a fleeing suspect to his home or hideout without his knowledge, avoiding a potential hostage situation or unnecessary injuries,” she notes.

Trimo Security has been in the market for 11 years, and provides forensic investigations and market intelligence.

Some of their clients include law firms, individuals, banks, government, corporate companies, and human rights organisations.

“There has been an increase in economic crimes such as cybercrime, bank frauds, loan and debt defaults. Crimes of passion, murders and sexual violence are becoming common…” says Ms Mugoh, who holds a degree in criminology from Kenyatta University and has done a professional course on VIP protection in South Africa.

“Continuous knowledge gathering and skills training even in the deployment of technologies is key in private investigations as criminals keep improving their tactics,” she adds.

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