Home Entertainment How partial blindness has left Rosemary Odinga unable to choose her clothes – Nairobi News

How partial blindness has left Rosemary Odinga unable to choose her clothes – Nairobi News

by kenya-tribune

Rosemary Odinga, the eldest child of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, has opened up on her struggles with partial blindness.

In a candid interview with Citizen TV, Rosemary revealed how being unable to choose her own clothes is among the things that have disrupted her life.

Rosemary suffered a mild stroke in February 2017 that saw her receive treatment locally and abroad.

Late this year, it was revealed that she had lost her eyesight but was still recovering after undergoing an operation to remove a brain tumor.

“I see mostly from my right eye, but it is half the vision. But it is foggy. It is like looking through water in a glass. It is hazy. I see things that are very close to me,” she said.


Rosemary recounted how her independence was affected by the loss of eyesight, but credited her family and friends for supporting her.

“It was very challenging. I am used to living a certain lifestyle where I am very independent. Suddenly, I can’t even choose my own clothes or cook the food I want to eat. I can’t drive to the store,” she said.

The mother of two recounted how her younger daughter offered a helping hand whenever she was moving around the house.

“They would cry especially when I was away on treatment. The younger one, when I eventually came back, she could not remember me. She was too young when I fell ill. But the older one was able to understand and she was counseled,” she explained.

The Odinga family is exploring treatment options available to help Rosemary regain her eyesight.

She had started pursuing a political career before being taken ill and during the interview she said if she is given a leadership opportunity she will not shy away.

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