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‘I can’t contribute to your wedding,’ Diamond Platnumz warns beggars

by kenya-tribune
Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian crooner Diamond Platnumz has mastered the art of producing good music, which leaves many talking for days.

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The singer has released a new song Kanyaga, which is already at 1.3 million views in less than 24 hours.

In the song, he talks about various things that human beings go through on a daily basis. From fake friends to ex-lovers, he tells people not to entertain them.

In his lyrics, Diamond Platnumz advises people not to entertain any crap from those close to them.

He clearly states that he cannot contribute to someone’s wedding and bashes slay queens who send him photos,

Siku hizi watu wanataka money
So nikimuita aku kosti, Kanyaga!
Kunitumia mipicha pigo gani?
Ati basi day nikuposti (oh yeah yeah)

Kadi za harusi kuchanga changa, Kanyaga!
Wakati mwenyewe nina majanga, Kanyaga!
Sina godoro sina kitanda
Ati nikuchangie kodi kwenda kupanga (yii)

[Nowadays all people want is money, so if you call them they charge you, sending me photos asking me to post them. They distribute wedding card asking for help.
Yet I myself I have a lot of problems. I don’t even have a mattress nor a bed].

Lynn vs Diamond

He takes subliminal shots at his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto, who recently moved out from the house he had rented for her because she couldn’t afford rent.

Ati nikuchangie kodi kwenda kupanga?  [I help you pay rent for a rented house? Don’t entertain such.]

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He goes ahead to say that one should not entertain snitches, gossipers, and fake friends because they neither dress you nor feed you.

In another line he says;

Wazee wa shombo kudandia, kanyaga
Klabu kuomba omba bia, kanyaga
Slay queens vitisho vya bandia
Ukivipa hai ati madai vinavimbia

[Don’t entertain old friends who only want to be associated with you when you have money.
Those in clubs who always beg for alcohol. Slay queens who try to blackmail you and get mad when you stop associating with them.

Here, he was clearly attacking Lynn, a former WCB video vixen, who he recently exposed for sending him salacious photos even after they parted ways.

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He goes ahead to sing about exes and in-laws. And of course, Zari, his estranged wife is not spared.

Uzushi, Kanyaga!
Mashemu feki, Kanyaga!
Nuksi, Kanyaga!
Kudadadeki, Kanyaga!
Mawifi, Kanyaga!
Mpaka ma ex, Kanyaga!
Mikosi, Kanyaga!

[Don’t entertain fights, fake in-laws, mischief, co-wifes, exes, and bad omen.]

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Below is the video of the song

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