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‘I still have the mark till today’ Andrew Kibe sadly narrates how he was battered

by kenya-tribune

Andrew Kibe on The Morning Kiss was with Kamene was trying to have a serious conversation about the fact that men are being battered out here but can not talk about it.

Kibe started the topic off by telling a story and he says Kamene laughed because it is unbelievable for a man to be beaten yet on the ground, things are actually different.

The story was a personal one for Kibe because he has gone through it and he never gives the story because men and women laugh at him. For people, it is an unreal story.

He narrated how his girlfriend once battered him. He says the reality of his situation is it’s not a unique story because men go through it.

There was a time I was with this chic and we were having a heated argument.  Please note at this time, we were just using our mouth. She says she wants to go sit in the car. I tell her to chill for the story to be over then we leave. She tries to grab the keys from my pocket and I tell her to chill and now she tries to forcefully get the keys from my pocket and I hold her hand telling her to chill. This chic grabs a shoe and throws it at me. I go in for the grab again and tell her to relax. She took a bite at my chest. I have a mark till today and it happened years ago.

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It’s worse that they story out there was he was the bad guy.

“But the story is this, all that was not seen but my reaction to the bite. The man in this country is under siege and he can not speak of him being battered. It does not matter how much I complain and no one is going to listen to me. Nobody believed me because I sounded like a crazy person.” Kibe angrily says

Kibe goes on to say it is sad that he even has friends who have gone through worse but can not speak about it.

this is something that goes on because I know friends who go through the same. And to make it worse, there are worse stories but they can not come out. It hurts more because if she screams, you are the one who is inflicting pain in the woman.

Kamene Goro has been silent on this whole discussion because she is shocked that such stories go on daily.  And in as much as the percentage of men being battered is high, it keeps rising.

If you thought Kibe’s story was an exaggeration, this one will shock you even more. A guy from a local university called to say he was stabbed but he is the one who is suffering the consequences of his former girlfriend’s violent conduct.

I had an issue with my ex we had moved in together. One day I told her we break up. The chic stabbed me. We went to the police station but I withdrew the case and went to the hospital. Of course, the case got to the school’s disciplinary team and I was suspended because they said I gave my girlfriend the knife to stab me. That is all in the letter the school sent to me.


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