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‘I tried to heal… ‘ Tedd Jossiah recalls tough times after loss of his wife

by kenya-tribune

Tedd Josiah has an adorable baby girl, Jay, who has become our Instagram baby.

She is those babies who were born cute, tand always look cute even after a nap or after a messy meal. Her father took up a role as a mother to Jay and she has grown up to be an amazing girl.

tedd josiah

Today Tedd Josiah took to social media in an emotional post to wish his daughter a happy 2 years 6 months as he goes down memory lane raising Jay. One thing he has purposed to do is celebrate every step with his daughter because it has not been a walk in the part.

‘She wiped my face smiling saying sorry’ Tedd Josiah narrates daughter’s comforting skills

Tedd always finds the best things in Jay and he lives in that moment to give him joy and hope.

“HAPPY 2 years and 6 months!! I remember the very 1st 6 month mark and being with u in Malindi on our 1st holiday as i tried to heal & hoped to wish the broken pieces away… ur smile, ur discovery of oranges ? ur love for the water and u loving to be without clothes. U truly showed me that we’d have to figure things out alone & that you’d be gentle and patient with this man as he learned to become your mom. I learnt to wash u, to feed u, to go thru the tough nights with u alone to laugh and play with u and let u know u are loved.
I’ve learned that being a mom is tough & never celebrated apart from the hugs and kisses u give me ??” Tedd Josiah wrote on Instagram

The two have a committed family on social media who try to be there for him but most importantly help him become a good parent to Jay.

“Thank u to all our IG family for sticking by us, praying, loving and being there for us.
Happy 2 and a half my little #HRH Empress #GummyBear ?????
Remember there’s always someone up above loving u no matter what comes ur way
#RaisingJay #TheManMom” He thanked his fans

From what we see the two draw strength from each other. Tedd has mentioned it so many times that his gummy bear can tell when he is no emotionally okay, so she will do anything to comfort him.

Happy two years and a half baby Jay.

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