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Idea Hive launch services in East African Market

by kenya-tribune

South Africa’s advertising and marketing agency, Idea Hive has today launched its performance marketing services in East Africa.

Speaking at the event, the organisation’s Chief Executive Officer Yaw Dwomoh said that through data, technology, and AI-driven storytelling, Idea Hive has established a distinctive and perceptive working method.

“We tell brand tales that foster genuine connections outside the realm of conventional advertising and marketing,” he said.

According to Dwomoh, modern research techniques provide data that underpin and power their strategic approach.

“Technology and insights serve as inspiration for our creativity. We are most devoted to providing marketers with ongoing engagement and audiences that go beyond the pay point,” he said.

“To provide our clients with top-notch, market-leading performance marketing solutions, we have teamed up with prominent names in technology. We are providers of pertinent and bespoke solutions in line with the values and objectives of your organization because we are experts in e-commerce, AI, VR, and much more,” he added.

According to the CEO, for a company to be marketed by Idea Hive, the organisation has to go through and analyse what it intends to achieve, then Idea Hive creates a game plan that is not only relevant to what the client wants but effective in getting the results that the client needs.

Conclusively, it was established that Idea Hive uses a scientific approach backed by insights and data, to optimise and continuously improve what they can in any enterprise.


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