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‘If anyone takes you for granted…’ Kamami’s cryptic message after cheating on wife

by kenya-tribune

Hours after admitting to cheating on his wife, Kenyan comedian cum YouTuber Terence Creative has said that God’s grace has been sufficient.

Terrence is no saint as he has kids from a past relationship and another one with his current wife Milly Chebby.

‘Praying for Chebby my heart breaks for her,’ Wrote a fan.

Terrence and his wife Chebby

Terrence was quick to respond that his wife is OK despite the worry from her fans.

‘Thank you for your prayers, she is fine. God’s grace has been sufficient to us.’

One fan was quick to ask Terrence how he handles disappointments and those who take him for granted.

Though the message was for the fan, it looked too encrypted.

‘Everyday is not a happy day and you can’t experience happiness always. When disappointed take a breath and live to fight another day your day shall come.

If anyone takes you for granted don’t work hard to prove them wrong.

Work hard for yourself , You are your competition.’ Terrence responded.

What married men expect from their wives after marriage

Terrence has on his Instagram asked his fans to ask him anything.

One follower asked him,

is it true you cheated on Milly Chebby?

As usual, we expected him to deny or ignore but not this time, he confessed he did.

Yes, I did and through it, I’ve learned my lesson. Milly and I will talk about it someday…

Kamami was asked why he cheated on Milly and just like every other human being caught with his pants down, he blamed the devil.

The devil comes in many ways. But I will never repeat that mistake.

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