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Inside Sen Wetang’ula, Wangamati political wars – Weekly Citizen

by kenya-tribune

Fresh details are coming to the open about the intrigues surrounding the apparent differences between Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati and Bungoma senator Moses Wetang’ula who is also Ford Kenya party leader.
It is now emerging that the issues between them may have a lot to do with the approach of each one of them towards the style the management of county particularly its financial resources.
Various sources well versed with the happenings at the county now aver that the senator has been insisting that as the political supremo and party leader of the ruling party at the county, he must be accorded full access to funds a matter that has not been taken kindly by Governor Wangamati’s team some of whom claim that the contractors at the county have been caught in the web of corrupt demands for money particularly for the huge projects being undertaken by the county.
Our investigations reveal a rather frightening scenario whereby a contractor renovating one of the stadiums in Bungoma county was allegedly asked by the party leader to surrender at least Sh100million for securing a multi-million contract.

Wycliffe Wangamati

In another incident, another contractor undertaking a project in Bungoma town was asked through one of the county top official to procure a Toyota V8 vehicle as a way of appreciating the fact that he has secured a contract in Bungoma.
In another reported ugly incident, it is further alleged that Senator Wetang’ula insisted and was given over Sh37million from one of the governors sponsored by Ford Kenya party from whom he had demanded Sh50 million to secure a Ford Kenya nomination ticket.
And the story does not end there, it is also emerging that a first term Ford Kenya governor was asked to buy a helicopter for the party leader to enable him undertake his presidential bid for ease of movement across the country during the forthcoming 2022 general elections.
It is dawning to political observers that Senator Wetang’ula has largely depended on donated funds to run his political campaigns where he had a helicopter on his own from Nasa coalition.
Furthermore, at the advent of devolution, a former educationist hailing from Bungoma was allegedly assisted to pick up the post of county executive committee member for education in Nairobi county had to pay over Sh10 million to land the position in the then Governor Evans Kidero cabinet.
For some time now, the people of Bungoma have been caught up in a no-win situation because Wetang’ula has always fronted money for anyone to benefit.
As a result of this situation, the party has slowly and surely declined leading to losing several prominent people out of Bungoma who have been dissatisfied with his type of leadership.

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