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Irene Karimi to head Hustler’s Fund Advisory Board » Capital News

by kenya-tribune

NAIROBI, Kenya Jan 21 – Irene Karimi has been appointed to chair the newly established Hustler Fund Advisory Board for a term of three years.

Cooperatives and MSME Development Cabinet Secretary Simon Chelugui announced the appointment in a Special Gazette Notice where he also named Lawrence Kibet Chelimo, Paul Ndore Musyimi and Hardlyne Lusui to the Board.

According to the gazetted regulations, the Board provides oversight on the administration of the Hustler Fund and consists of three other persons who are not public officers.

The Fund’s administrator is an ex-officio member.

Chelugui said Karimi is a highly experienced professional having worked with multinationals such as USAID/Kenya, Chemonics International, Pricewaterhousecoopers, and Kenya Investment Mechanism (KIM) among others.

Karimi describes herself as an international development professional with more than 30 years’ experience in project management, organizational development and training, access to finance, investment, grants management and quality assurance.

The Hustlers Fund is revolutionary as its objective is to make affordable credit to sections of the population that have been left behind for far too long.

The revolving Fund which was launched by President William Ruto on December 21, 2022 lends to businesses at 8 per cent a year, the lowest interest ever charged in Kenya.

Register and access the Hustler Fund on any mobile network by dialing *254# or via the mobile app.

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