“I remember I really wanted one even before our wedding, I was in a rush to get one but being the planner Phill is we delayed mpaka I was like me I’m good. Now the trying period is something else and I’m the most impatient person so I kept on wondering, so kukurukakara zikihappen ndiyo huyo mimi kesho nishapima.” Kate shared in her vlog.

She added that so many times the rush got her disappointed but in God’s time she got exactly what both of them wanted.

“And kept on getting disappointed to a point I was feeling like, I don’t want to try any more. When you really want one that’s when it doesn’t happen and I went to the doctor, I didn’t have a problem it was just anxiety,” she added.

Kate Actress is always insisting that early pregnancy is not something women should be encouraged to go through. She was a mother at a very age and that affected a lot of her life both physically and emotionally.

Phill is clearly a happy father because he has been doing the most to appreciate his wife. From trips to The Maldives to cars. We applaud such present husbands and fathers.

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