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Jane Mugo: Spy queen caught up in a fierce battle for Sh5 billion empire



Last week, the DCI circulated a warrant for the arrest of Jane Mugo (above) (Photo: Standard/Elvis Ogina)


A vintage Bentley, a Jaguar and Roll Royce plus a Sh5 billion estate are at the heart of a deadly battle pitting a city private detective against top police officers.

The assets, among them prime properties in London’s Kenton Way and Wilmer Way spiced with millions of dollars, sterling pounds, rupees and shillings stashed in London, India and Nairobi have birthed a do-or-die duel.

There are also four lucrative businesses in Nairobi, prime houses in Thigiri and a block of apartments in Parklands whose ownership is at stake.

And in the midst of the fight for the assets scattered in Nairobi and London, there has been accusations of murder, robbery with violence, abduction and deportation of two British citizens and Nairobi based spy, Jane Wawira Mugo.

In the complex matrix where some of Kenya’s top cops are involved in what would have ordinarily been a family dispute, a detective now believes her life is on the line.

Dangerous criminal

The detective who has been described by the police as a dangerous criminal, with a string of crimes, including armed robbery and abduction, now says she has secured a court order barring the police from arresting her.

Last Thursday, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) circulated Mugo’s details in its official Twitter handle, saying she was a dangerous criminal with a warrant of arrest against her for refusing to attend court to answer charges of assault and impersonation.

But she insists she is innocent and has been an undercover government crime buster as well as a private investigator who has the high and mighty in the police and politics on speed dial.

Why would the entire police force, train its mighty guns on a solitary woman, licensed by the police to carry a gun and pry her trade as a private investigator for more than a decade?

Mugo believes her problems have been compounded by a case she is involved in, in which a group of well-connected individuals, working with the police and some immigration officers, are trying to disinherit a British national, Vallah Haribhai Bakrania.

She says she was retained by the 70-year-old Bakrania after police officers raided his place in New Muthaiga and impounded his gun, a vintage Bentley and his British passport.

During the same raid, the police also allegedly carried away another British passport owned by Hansa Haribhai Bakrania, who is the tycoon’s sister.

Consequently, on August 29 this year, Kipkenda and Company Advocates wrote to the Inspector General of Police complaining about the confiscation of the documents.

“Upon our client’s inquiry, with the help of a private investigator no explanation was given and therefore our client made a complaint to Gigiri Police Station vide OB 23/10.08/2019 at 12.5,” reads part of the letter.

Mugo who is now on the run, explained that after Bakrania’s passport was seized, she visited a number of top offices and was at one point told that the British passport had been grabbed by the Department of Immigration.

“On further investigation, our client learnt that at one time a chief inspector based at Nairobi area was in possession of his travel documents. Efforts to retrieve the said documents have proved futile. The whereabouts of our client’s gun and his motor vehicle remains unknown,” the advocate wrote.

The lawyer could not understand why the police had seized the passport which is the property of the Crown, issued in the name of the Queen of Britain.

After the letter, which was copied to among others the director of DCI, the Director of Public Prosecutions, The British High Commission, Kenya Human Rights Commission and the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Interior, the passports were returned.

Investigations by Sunday Standard show there was a plot to deport Bakrania, who had been running three companies dealing with materials and road construction as well as other commodities.


He was at the helm of Timwood Products Limited, Metex Industries Limited, Metrex International Limited, Timco Chemicals Limited and Metrex Plaza whose leadership is now the subject of a convoluted tussle. The business empire was originally owned by Bakrania and his brother Javanal, who died in 2010. At the time, Javanal’s wife, Harsha was living in London. He was survived by daughters Nisha and Chadni and a son Dipesh.

Besides the companies, the brothers also jointly owned a fleet of 20 top of the range vehicles, a house in Thigiri, apartments in Parklands and houses in Kenton Way and Wilmer Way in London.

In the course of investigations, it has emerged that before his death, Javanal had fathered triplets with a former employee, a development which further complicated the fight for the control of the vast estate.

It has also emerged that there was an elaborate scheme to cripple the operations by freezing the assets and bank accounts to stop either side from using the money. We have documents showing how a close relative had engineered problems for the old man. Some of the messages we have seen read:

“His work permit has issues so he isn’t coming to work. His lawyers are pushing for it and the CID are looking for him…”

In another exchange, a relative informs a confidant: “Please note the steps I have taken of being in business, including getting protection and getting the immigration and CID on his case. All have been at a cost…”

Yet another exchange where the deceased’s daughter and the mother of the triplets are roped in: “Greetings. Kindly note that the legal siblings DNA result is ready. We have received a copy. Kindly pay the balance to enable the results to be released to your lawyers.”

Another letter discloses the testy situation in the empire: “Dear… was requesting if we could meet tomorrow to discuss the case. I am really concerned about how friends of my uncle are approaching me of late inquiring about the case. They also keep asking if there is a caveat on the properties. Basically trying to fish for information and documents”.

Mugo says when she persisted in the case against the advice of some senior police officers, she received threats on her life from a CID officer who claimed there was a plan to either abduct or eliminate her. At one point, when she was with her friends in an entertainment joint, she says there was an attempt to poison her when an undercover agent bought her a bottle of cognac and gave it to a waitress but she refused to drink it.

“I have recorded the threat to my life at Central Police Station vide OB no. 94/4/9/19. A friend has informed me that some senior officers want me to stop pursuing this case or they will have fictitious charges levelled against me,” she said.

According to her, there was an attempt to grab her son from a school in Nairobi but the teachers refused to release him and instead called her.

The British millionaire, according to Mugo, was a friend of the late Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery and was instrumental in rehabilitating Gigiri and Industrial Area police stations which, ironically, had been sending officers to harass him.

Upper Hill land

In a detailed statement, Mugo has recorded with the KNCHR, she says her problems with a top detective date back to 2014 when a senior politician bought a piece of land for Sh293 million.

However, after the politician paid for the piece of land in Upper Hill, the family of the former prison officer was only given Sh100 million while the balance was retained by a group of lawyers and brokers.

It was against this background that she was approached by the family to recover the balance. Mugo, who claims she has connections with senior DCI officers, sought services of the detectives to investigate the brokers and recover the money.

“When my team and that of DCI traced the money, they recovered Sh50 million from a bank in Westlands. Some was given to the family but I was given Sh5 million which was equally split between me and the police,” she claimed.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Stop unwarranted factional fights, DP Ruto tells Jubilee leaders




Deputy President William Ruto has asked Jubilee Party leaders to stop unwarranted factional fights. 

He said members of the party should conform to the party’s direction under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Deputy President noted that there were individuals who wanted to create division in the party through propaganda.

Dr Ruto asked members to be wary of such people who did not want to see Jubilee united.

He said the motive of those who wanted to break Jubilee was to ensure it failed to deliver on its agenda to the people.

Dr Ruto further said Kenya was a democratic country that allowed anyone to belong to a political party of his or her choice.

“The rest of us will continue to forge the unity of the nation, progress and transformation of Kenya as we move forward as a party,” he said.

He explained that the party would not be divided by leaders who believe in tribal political parties.

“Jubilee under the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta would not allow the country to go back to the era of politics of hate, tribalism and division,” he said.

He noted that those engaging in the archaic politics were wasting their time.

The Deputy President urged Kenyans to shun tribal politics characterised by personality cults.

He explained that the country’s politics should be built around parties with national outlook and guided by progressive programmes.

“That is how we are going to speak about pro-people issues and avoid ethnicity and personality cults.”

Dr Ruto spoke on Sunday in Kericho and Kisii Counties during a prayer service and an empowerment drive of the Kisii Performing Artists Association, respectively.

He was accompanied by Kericho Governor Paul Chepkwony, Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, MPs Shadrack Mose (Kitutu Masaba), Vincent Kemosi (West Mugirango), Nelson Koech (Belgut), Alpha Miruka (Bomachoge Chache) and Sylvanus Maritim (Ainamoi).


The leaders called for speedy implementation of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) without dividing Kenyans.

They said the report should be implemented quickly, a development they claimed would ensure the Government focuses on President Kenyatta’ legacy.

“We need to finish the implementation of BBI by March so that we can ensure Big Four is successfully achieved,” said Mr Mose.

Mr Kemosi said they would support the implementation of the BBI report, whichever route the BBI taskforce recommends.

“We have read the BBI report; we will support its implementation whether through county assemblies, National Parliament or a referendum,” he noted.

On his part, Mr Miruka asked politicians not to use the BBI report to divide the country.

“Let us move our nation forward and use the report in transforming the country,” he argued.

At the same time, Dr Ruto said the government was focussed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

He said the country needed to look for a structured way of supporting them.

“They are the engines of our economic growth for they generate jobs to our youths. We must, therefore, come up with policies that would reinvigorate them,” he said.

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Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh wins Miss World 2019 ▷ Kenya News




– Toni- Ann was crowned as the 69th Miss World by her predecessor, Vanessa Ponce de Leon, at ExCel London

– Ann was competing alongside Miss Nigeria, Miss Brazil, Miss India, Miss Jamaica and Miss France

Many girls, while growing up like to dress up as little princesses as they have been made to believe from an early age that they are royalty.

A number of girls nurture this dream as they hope to win a crown and make it a reality one day. That appears to be the case of 23-year-old Toni-Ann Singh from Jamaica who has been crowned the 69th Miss World.

On Saturday, December 14, 2019, Miss Jamaica was crowned as the 69th Miss World by her predecessor, Vanessa Ponce de Leon, at ExCel London. The grand final of the show was hosted by Megan Young and Peter Andre.

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Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh emerges as Miss World 2019

Miss Jamaica Toni-Ann Singh emerges as Miss World 2019 Photo credit: Fabiola Bonnot
Source: UGC

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The news was met with widespread joy on social media and from the other beauty queens from other parts of the world, especially Miss Nigeria, who could not hide her genuine happiness when Miss Jamaica was announced as the winner.

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Miss Nigeria alongside Miss Brazil, Miss India, Miss Jamaica and Miss France were all in the top five spot to clinch the crown but there is no doubt that they are all winners.

Reacting emotionally to her win, Miss Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica said she is very happy and also thinking of all the work that needs to be done now that she has won the crown.


“So honored and grateful for this opportunity but most of all I’m thinking about the work that needs to be done and that I have the platform and the means to do it. I’m ready to get out there and work. I’m excited!” She said

Earlier, Miss Zozibini Tunzi was crowned Miss Universe 2019 winner in the latest edition of the annual competition.

Her message was loud and clear that this is the time that kind of discrimination stopped, and those little girls should be able to see their faces reflected in hers.

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US secretly expelled two Chinese diplomats, report says [ARTICLE]




The newspaper, which cited people with knowledge of the episode, said it appeared to be the first time in more than 30 years that the US has expelled Chinese diplomats on suspicion of espionage.

At least one of the diplomats was believed to be an intelligence officer operating under cover, the Times said.

The Times said the diplomats, accompanied by their wives, drove up to the checkpoint at the entrance to a sensitive installation near Norfolk, Virginia that includes special operations forces.

The guard saw that they didn’t have permission to enter and directed them to go through the gates, turn around and exit.


The Chinese officials continued onto the base, evading military personnel pursuing them until they were forced to stop by fire trucks blocking their path, according to the Times.

It said the officials said they didn’t understand the guard’s instructions and got lost.

Weeks after the incident, the State Department placed restrictions on the activities of Chinese diplomats, in what it said was a response to years-old Chinese regulations limiting the movements of US diplomats.


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