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Joska set for 10-floor residential block

by kenya-tribune
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Joska set for 10-floor residential block

A construction project in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Property developer Wahu Karimi plans to inject Sh300 million into development of a 10-floor mixed-use project housing 190 families on a one-acre land off Kangundo Road in Joska area.

In regulatory filings to the environmental watchdog, Ms Karimi said each family will have a parking bay reserved with the first four floors set aside for commercial spaces.

Ms Karimi, who is awaiting a National Environmental Management Authority (Nema) nod within the next 30 days, says the ground floor will accommodate a 10,561 square feet of commercial space favourable for a retail operator.

The first to fifth mezzanine floors will host 40 one-bedroomed and 25 two-bedroomed units with the upper four floors hosting another 75 one-bedroomed and 50 two- bedroomed units.

To accommodate the expected wastewater discharge the developer will invest in a modern effluent treatment plant with the resultant ‘purified’ water recycled for washroom use.


Utility stores, offices and retail shops are meant to make the facility ‘self-contained’ reducing the need for tenants to go outside to purchase items.

Environmental consultants said the project will improve land use, create wealth as well as improve availability of decent housing units in Nairobi’s satellite towns.

Nema has since invited comments on the planned development to facilitate issuance of an environmental impact assessment.

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