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JUST BRENDA: My libido clashes with my partner’s

by kenya-tribune

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I like sex, but I think my boyfriend thinks I like it too much. Is this normal?

Of course it’s normal to like sex. It is also normal to like a lot of sex. Sex is great, why would you not like it?

In the same fashion, though, there are people who like sex less than others, and that’s perfectly normal as well.


What you and your boyfriend have going on sounds like an incongruence of libido – if he thinks you like sex too much, is it because he feels like he cannot satisfy you, or because he thinks you’ll look for it somewhere else?

Perhaps ask him about that. If your boyfriend wants less sex than you do, there are other healthy ways to still get your fix – through toys, for example.

If it is just an insecurity he has, talk to him about that, and make him feel reassured that your relationship still stands, regardless of the frequency of sex.

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