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Kamene Goro angered by Kenyans bashing the music wave

by kenya-tribune

Kenyans woke up today to the trending hashtag #gengetone. The hashtag elicited mixed reaction from KOT with some in support and others against the new musical genre.

It irritated Kiss FM’s Kamene that the older generation of Kenyan artistes are loud to call out the young upcoming artistes who are trying to make it in these tough streets.

“I woke up to find hate against gengetone. Just because they are speaking another language, you are going to say it is wrong just because you have made it and you think you are on a high horse you are ging to call them out?” Kamene started her rant on The Morning Kiss 

She says that they have created their own opportunity and that just because some of you do not like the language does not mean it is wrong.

“What really is your problem with Gengetone? Old musicians want to come and bash the new generation. People are calling me out because I supported the young artists with our recent release, Nyoka Ya Shaba. Back then when I starting this career so many Kenyan artistes came forth claiming that DJ PInye was blocking them out from airplay. The likes of Khaligraph Jones, DNA and now some of these people are bashing Gengetone.” Kamene added

The Morning Kiss duo were clear that back then, the likes of Klepto had their language and now that we are in 2020, the language has changed but we are going to bash them?

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Many young callers were quick to point out that the youth are just trying to look for ways to make money, however the older generation are out to try to kill their career.

Are you for or against Kamene’s take on gengetone?

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