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Karma? Mama Diamond Platnumz boyfriend allegedly facing similar wrath as Mzee Juma from this family

by kenya-tribune

Remember a while back when we couldnt shut up about Diamond Platnumz. I swear to you – all media outlets with an entertainment segment were just focused on Diamond Platnumz and his adventures with women and music.

Mama Dangote with lover

His family also came in handy as we saw his sister ruin a couple of good marriages as the side chic….his mum Mama Dangote on the other hand was accused of being a manipulative woman – controlling her sons many relationships and not forgetting….she too was accused of snatching another woman’s husband and from what we heard at the time js that the Ben 10 was so ready to leave his wife and newborn son – just to be with mama Dangote.

I remember saying the only attraction between these two is sex and money….and i still isn’t that i am right. Hear me out…..a 31 to 33 year old guy with a woman in her 50’s falling in love is like waiting for rains in summer…and clearly you know it aint happening.

Mama Dangote with hubby

However at the time you wouldnt tell Uncle Shamte anything – he was the boss – finally the man of the house and was even playing daddy to Diamond Platnumz who is like 4 years younger than him….but again fans warned him not to gloat now that he was more respected compared to Mzee Juma who we all thought was Diamond Platnumz biological dad…only for mama Dangote to drop a bomb telling us ata yeye sio baba mzazi wa Naseeb…like damn ho how you cant do it so casually…..

Fast forward

Well I guess i need not tell you the embarrassment Mzee Juma faced back when uncle Shamte came into the picture. That old man literally saw it all from being invited to family gathering and not being allowed in the main house…..having to borrow transport like a child…..and being forced to pull online stunts just to make money.

But since this was Mama Dangotes time to shine and repay all the evil Mzee Juma had put her through back when they were young…. it was finally her turn to gloat.

Okay…maybe she was allowed to feel this way knowing how badly she had been treated by Mzee Juma…..but what did Uncle Shamte get involved by mocking him and engaging in gossip talks surrounding Mzee Juma. For me….I guess he only did this to impress Mama Diamond Platnumz….and again, good boyfriend’s support their girlfriends.

Karma slaps different

Well having watched what happened to Mzee Juma…..guess who just got selected as their next victim….yes Uncle Shamte and from the look of things…its really bad now that Mama Dangote and her kids are ganging up on him.

Just to prove how bad things are….Mange Kimambi recently shared a leaked WhatsApp audio of Uncle Shamte complaining how Diamond Platnumz family has been mistreating him and the worst part is that he has no investments – just incase he gets kicked out soon.

Well….we can call this Karma or just bad luck but for those who remember how Uncle Shamte denied his own son and embrassed baby mama on social media just to impress Mama Dangote….its definitely Karma at play!

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