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KCB Partners With Kodris On Coding Lessons

by kenya-tribune
A KCB Branch. [Photo/ Courtesy]

KCB Bank Kenya customers can now access Kodris Africa coding lessons at discounted rates and pay in instalments, following a partnership between the educatįon technology firm and the Bank.

The Kodris Africa subscription licenses are now retailing at a 50% discount – Ksh9,860 for a year’s worth of coding, down from the previous Ksh19,720. Qualifying KCB customers can sign up their children for the online coding lessons at the cost of Ksh822 per month.

The instalment-based payments will be available to customers using KCB credit card or via the Kordis Africa app. Under the deal, schools will access classroom licenses at a discounted price of Ksh26,622, down from Ksh29,580.

Kordis Africa has been approved by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KIDC) to roll out the first coding courses for primary and secondary school learners. The new digital programme – christened #4theLoveofEducation – adds to the support that the bank offers to schools, including facilities for clean energy, infrastructure improvement, donations of learning materials, scholarships for needy but bright young Kenyans, 100 per cent of school bus financing.

“We have traditionally supported the advancement of educatįon across the various levels. We are now at the forefront of driving the mainstreaming of digital learning. We want to support the entire ecosystem for the country to achieve its educatįon ambitions of access and quality,” said Annastacia Kimtai, the KCB Retail Banking Director.

Coding is the act of translating human ideas and intentions into commands computers can undertake. Common examples of technologies that run on coding include Internet banking, ATMs, and mobile banking. Digital technologies built through coding, however, stretch to all sectors of the economy, elevating it to a highly demanded skill in today’s world.

“What we are doing is to ease access and affordability to enhance digital learning across the country. We are seeing increased uptake of the course. Coding is one of the most sought-after skills globally, and our learners can only be at a greater advantage to take up these opportunities when they start early, as is happening in developed nations,” said Mugumo Munene, the Chief Executive Officer at Kordis Africa.

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