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Kenya: 10 Arrested for Disobeying Sonko’s Directive to Repaint Buildings

by kenya-tribune

Ten people have been arrested following a crackdown conducted by the Nairobi City County on building owners who have failed to repaint their premises as directed by Governor Mike Sonko.

Some of those arrested and charged include Jane Asena, the caretaker of Karachi House and Charles Ndung’u Mwangi, a director of one of the buildings along Latema/Lagos Road and Ann Nana Matei, among others.

Acting County Secretary Leboo Morintat said those being targeted for arrest are the owners of buildings, caretakers and tenants of the buildings.

County health and inspectorate officers have been on the ground since Wednesday morning inspecting buildings for compliance with the directive which Sonko issued three months ago.

Onwers of buildings that have been put on notice include Loise House on Latema Road, Jiame House along Haile Selassie, Karachi Kouse on River Road, Leon House on Tom Mboya Street, Construst House and Ambassador House on Moi Avenue, commercial house cross road among other buildings.

“We believe that they all read our notice which we published in the local dailies and that is why we are going for them. The county will shut down premises that have not been repainted and those involved charged accordingly,” said Mr Morintat.

The repainting of building in the city happens after every two years and is aimed at improving the aesthetic value of the city.

Property owners were also given a blanket approval to improve all their plot frontages with concrete blocks.

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