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Kenya: Govt to Install Cameras to Replace Roadblocks, CS Kindiki Says

by kenya-tribune

Nairobi — Interior CS Kithure Kindiki says the government will introduce cameras to reduce the number of traffic police officers who are accused of traffic snarl-up on the roads.

Among some of the measures the government is looking forward to mitigate and improve are road safety management by reducing the backlog of duties for the traffic police officers.

The CS who spoke on Thursday however stated that a few roadblocks will be reincarnated to curb terrorism related threats and human trafficking in the country.

“The government is planning to remove roadblocks though that will take some time because we have to set out proper plans of introducing camera facilities in our roads. So that we can reduce issues to do with traffic jams,” said the CS.

“We need to reduce our police officers standing on the road for the whole day. So, we need to improve that aspect of road safety management by improving cameras but also reducing what traffic police can do. There are ways of even having a few road blocks which will remain necessary because of the threats that our country continues to face from terrorism and tracking in persons in certain areas,” he added.

According to the CS, the new technology yet to be adopted in the subsequent days will deploy an electronic surveillance technique that will see no traffic police officer manning traffic tie-ups on the roads.

“The surveillance will be mainly electronic and not a police man opening your car. We will have a program of ensuring that we use technology to improve road safety and management.”