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Kenya: Ledama to Gachagua – You Don’t Determine Funds to Counties

by kenya-tribune

Nairobi — Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina has called out Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua for the ongoing push and pull over the equalization fund to devolved units.

Ole Kina pointed out that the Deputy President despite being the Chair of the Intergovernmental Budget and Economic Council has no authority to determine the funds channeled to counties.

A stalemate is brewing between the two arms of government over the share of funds to counties as they demand Sh425 billion over the Sh380 billion proposed the National Treasury.

“I am thinking of the right word to describe @rigathi and I can’t quite get it! Is he an imperious personality? Or is simply Delusional ?”

“Please @MutahiNgunyi help me here ? Who told this guy he is the one who determines money that goes to counties??? JESUS? @Kenyansreally ???” Kina tweeted.

Gachagua had hit out at governors for asking for a raise in the counties’ allotment to Sh425 billion and instead stated that the government has no money.

In his remarks at the MPs’ Post-Election Seminar on Thursday in Mombasa, DP Gachagua bared his teeth and attacked the governors, stating that the Kenya Kwanza administration was broke and unable to comply with their requests.

“They are asking for Sh425 billion. SRC is saying that in our scheme of mathematics, you can give Sh407 billion. The national government is saying that is good, Sh407 billion is even better, we can give it to you but we don’t have it, we only have Sh380 billion,” Gachagua said.

“So, if you want to hang us, we are helpless! If you want to remove our trousers and whip us on, go ahead, we don’t have the money! We are people who will talk the truth. What we don’t want to do is to cheat governors that we will give them money which we don’t have.”

He reiterated that the State could only afford to allocate between Sh380 and Sh385 billion which is about Sh40 billion less of their demands.

The second in command acknowledged that the government is having trouble paying the monthly payouts to counties and asserted that it would be a great lie for it to offer Sh425 billion when it is obvious that it is having trouble paying Sh370 billion that was authorized in the budget.

The deputy president insisted that the governors shouldn’t expect President William Ruto to pay more than the budget allotment, citing the challenging economic climate.