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Kenya: Marsabit Residents Get Title Deeds After 56 Years of Waiting

by kenya-tribune

Marsabit County, in collaboration with the national government, has begun issuing title deeds to residents in a bid to end perennial land disputes in the region.

Most land owners in the county have for a long time felt marginalised by the previous administrations who failed to give them the crucial land documents.

While presenting title deeds to 750 land owners in Karare Ward on Monday, Governor Mohamud Ali emphasised on the need for land owners to get the documents.


“This is a historical occurrence in our county to have our parcels of land issued with title deeds after 56 years. I believe this is a positive move and a step forward in economic elevation of our towns and in the appreciation of our land value,” Governor Ali said.

He said that the Ministry of Land and his administration are working to have land adjudication completed across the county.

He urged the residents to use the title deeds to economically empower themselves by securing bank loans.

He also observed that the title deeds will now ensure rapid land appreciation across the county and boost economic growth in the region.


Marsabit County Commissioner Evans Achoki said that 2,100 title deeds have already been prepared by the Ministry of Land.

Mr Achoki added that besides the 750 title deeds issued to land owners in Karare Ward, another 1,350 will be issued to residents of Sagante-Jaldesa Ward in Marsabit Central.