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Kenya: Microsoft Introduces Its Global Digital Skills Program in Kenya

by kenya-tribune

Nairobi — Microsoft has announced the launch of its global skilling program in Kenya with the goal of increasing access to digital and foundational skills.

The Skills for Jobs Learning Pathways program has been introduced locally as a build-up to the success of Microsoft’s Global Skills Initiative that was launched in June 2020, and has since reached over 80 million people worldwide with digital skills.

In Kenya, the global skills program has impacted an estimated 189,000 people, with 4,471 Kenyans completing the Learning Paths through the initiative.

The Microsoft Skills for Jobs Learning Pathways program is focused on ensuring that economic opportunity is inclusive, so that job seekers all over the world have access to the skills, technology, and opportunities they need to succeed in a changing economy.

“Digital transformation has accelerated across all industries, resulting in the creation of new tech and tech-enabled jobs and driving economic growth. However, Microsoft has discovered that skills alone are insufficient for people to obtain the jobs they desire, particularly in the most in-demand positions,” said Phyllis Migwi, the Microsoft Kenya Country Manager.

The Microsoft Skills for Jobs Pathways provide people who have been excluded from the digital economy with in-demand foundational, role-based, and technical skills, certifications, and connections to jobs and opportunities.

As part of the new initiative, Microsoft and LinkedIn will provide free access to 350 new courses and easy-to-follow learning paths, as well as six Career Essentials Certificates for six of the most in-demand jobs.

The courses will be available in eight languages, including English, French, and Arabic, to help job seekers showcase their skills to employers and land jobs.

“Microsoft is helping learners prepare for tech and tech-enabled roles with new learning paths and certificates for some of the most in-demand roles in the digital economy including Administrative Professional, Project Manager, Business Analyst, Systems Administrator, Software Developer and Data Analyst,” explains Migwi.

“To ensure a better fit for learners, the company has invested not only in unlocking content but also in developing content for each of the career essential certificate paths.”

Foundational Skills will be established through three new learning paths: digital literacy and productivity, soft skills, and entrepreneurship. For learners progressing from Foundational Skills to the next level, there are six career certificates available.