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Kenya: Rising Star Amwari Promoted to Premier Class

by kenya-tribune

Nairobi — Outgoing Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) Division 2 Champion Issa Amwari has been promoted to Premier Class following a career best season which saw him finish joint seventh with Ian Duncan on the 2019 drivers log.

Former KNRC Division 3 and S Class Drivers Champion Karan Patel returns to Premier with Coast Pekee lead driver Izhar Mirza being relegated to Division One.

Defending Group N Champion Jasmeet Chana has retained his place in the elite Premier Class which has the likes of Flash Tundo, champion Baldev Chager, Onkar Rai, Eric Bengi, Duncan and Manvir Baryan.

Champion Ammar “Bushy” Haq remains in Division 1 and so is his Mombasa Motor Club (MMC) stablemate Sohanjeet Singh Puee who retained the S Class Championship last season.

Youngster McRae Kimathi who posted a career best fifth on KCB Meru Rally has moved up from Division 3 to Division 1.

Outgoing Division 3 Champion Geoff Mayes will now compete in Division 2 with the likes of Jonathan Somen, Raaji Bharij, Geoff Mayes, James Kirimi, Mombasa’s Naushad Kara Lota and Evans Kavisi among others.

Kirimi, a former S Class Champion, savoured a career best fourth on his Meru turf last year navigated by Michael Gitobu.

Issa, one of the fastest rising black indigenous driver, was all smiles after promotion and this is what he has to say:

“At the moment we are fully rebuilding our car and getting ready for this year (InshaAllah) nothing yet decided by our sponsors. Hopefully all will be well.

“Last year, we drove at 50 percent of our ability, hopefully this year we can go up to 70 percent and see what it will bring!! Premier Class will be a good challenge for us but we do not doubt our ability and skills to be contenders this year.”

Winning Division Two was a first for the team to win a division or championship, we are looking forward to build on that going forward.”

Kenya National Rally Championship-KNRC 2020 door numbers and divisions


Baldev Chager (Door #1)

Onkar Rai 2

Carl Tundo 3

Manvir Baryan 4

Ian Duncan 5

Tejveer Rai 6

Eric Bengi 7

Karan Patel 8

Jasmeet Chana 9

Issa Amwari 10


Izhar Mirza 11

Amaar Haq 12

Sohanjeet Puee 14

Adil Mirza 15

Mahesh Halai 16

Paras Pandya 17

Minesh Rathod 18

John Nganga 19

Nikhil Sachania 20

Asad Khan 21

Edward Maina 22

Aakif Virani 23

McRae Kimathi 24

Steve Mwangi 25

Hussein Malik 26


Jonathan Somen 27

Raaji Bharij 28

Geoff Mayes 29

James Kirimi 30

Naushad Kara 31

Evans Kavisi 32

Lovejyot Khalon 33

Daren Miranda 34

Ramesh Vishram 35