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Kenya: Thieves Break Into Nyandarua Morgue, Steal Body of 10-Year Old Boy

by kenya-tribune

Nyandarua — Police are investigating an incident in which suspected thieves broke into a mortuary in Nyandarua and stole a corpse.

According to a police report, the thieves later kept the body in a septic hole few meters from the mortuary and police believe it was meant to ensure it is not found.

“The body of a juvenile identified as George Chege, 10 was stolen from the JM Kariuki Hospital morgue in Nyandarua where it was preserved,” the report indicated.

The motive of the incident was not immediately established.

An attendant told police on Wednesday December 7 he had realized there was a break in at the facility.

The attendant was reporting to work at about 8am when he realized the main door had been broken.

He called police and they went in and realized a corpse had been stolen.

Police said they established that three doors of the said block were broken into.

In the mortuary, the thieves accessed one of the fridges and removed the body of the juvenile and left with it.

A search was conducted before the said body was found in a septic hole out the mortuary.

Police retrieved the body while intact and returned it to the mortuary.

Police said they plan a further inspection on the body. It is not clear what motivated the incident.

Police who are handling the incident said they are interested in knowing how the boy died as part of the probe into the incident.

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