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Kenyans need food, not Hustler Fund

by kenya-tribune

Hot air • Politicians are notorious for taking their fellow Kenyans on a “wild goose chase and giving them a lot of hot air”, remarks Chris Kiriba. “If promising to lock up the ‘Covid billionaires’ is not hot air, then what is it? This being Kenya, a deal may already have been made. If it’s the case, what political card will they pull out of their bag of political lies in 2027?” His contact is [email protected].

Upside down • By lending to Kenyans through the Hustler Fund instead of using it to lower the high cost of living, the government’s priorities are upside down, says Evans Ochieng Adede. “The money could have been spent on easing the lives of Kenyans grappling with high food prices. Many are using the cash to buy food instead of funding businesses.” His contact is [email protected]

Credit limit • The Hustler Fund “may have been a good idea” but it could become a flop like similar past initiatives, warns Stephen Masambu. He adds: “I hope it won’t turn out to be with like the Uwezo Fund, which it actually seems to mirror.” He wonders, for instance, how the officials determine one’s credit limit. “I checked mine and it was just Sh2,000, which isn’t much.” His contact is [email protected]

Take heart, bro • Sharing the grief of his favourite Nation columnist, Macharia Gaitho, following the death of his wife, Christine Wairimu, Charles Kamanga says: “My condolences to you, Macharia. It’s not easy to come to terms with losing a loved one. Take heart, brother, and may you continue penning many more columns.” His contact is [email protected]

Change of tune • Welcoming opposition leaders’ decision to call off anti-government demonstrations over exams, Joseph Macharia is surprised about the sudden change of tune. Says he: “It’s good that they care about the candidates, but what about the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exam? Can’t they wait until all the exams are completed?” His contact is [email protected] 

Have a caring day, won’t you!

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