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Kibra’s Notorious Thug Lynched By Angry Mob – GhettoRadio 89.5 FM

by kenya-tribune

The notorious thug known as Ali has allegedly been reigning terror on the area residents for quite some time.

Moses Ochanda, Nyumba Kumi Chairman in Lindi says that Ali was lynched by the angry mob when he tried to rob a bread vendor in the area.

“Yesterday, chief thug was lynched here by a mob, we know him as Ali and he was trying to rob a bread vendor who decided to call for help. Fortunately for him citizens heard him and showed up to assist him and lynched the thug,” said Ochanda.

“He was robbing bread vendor since we heard him saying that he is searching for transport means to Uganda where  he was going for cleansing ceremony which was to be done by his mother as he usually does,’ Said one woman who sought anonymity.

The police reportedly tried to rescue him but the angry mob kept the police at bay arguing that the man had terrorized them for quite some time.

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“What I can say is that police came to rescue him but the mob requested the police to let them finish what they were doing since if left in the hands of the police, he will be arrested and just set free,”  said Timothy Siambe a village elder.

Ali was on Sunday evening accused of stabbing a 45 year old man to death. He was allegedly in the company of his other three gang members.

Ochanda says that he also stabbed another person on Monday leaving him with serious injuries.

“Ali is not a good man at all, he has been robbing from people, assaulting people and also stabbing to death some people then escapes to Uganda, Mombasa, Kayole and Huruma according to our research,” he added.

By Jeremick Joe

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