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Kilifi house help turned into a human torch by makanga boyfriend

by kenya-tribune

Eunice Makena a house girl in Mariakani, Kilifi is nursing burn injuries after her tout boyfriend poured paraffin on her and lit her ablaze.

Eunice Makena and Kelvin Makori had been dating off-and-on for more than a year. The matatu tout and the housegirl had a lot of ups and downs.

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Eunice Makena nurses burn wounds

They recently had a disagreement — we don’t know what — that forced Eunice, 25, to leave Makori’s house in Tabora, Mariakani, Kilifi. She went to stay with her sister Frida Kanario.

“On October 6, he came to my house and started hurling insults at my sister for leaving him.

He promised to do something to her that she will never forget. I told him to get out,” Kanario said.

Makori told her to collect her belongings and return or he would burn them, she said.

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The next morning Eunice returned to her boyfriend’s house.

“Little did she know that Makori was waiting for her with paraffin. He poured a can of paraffin on her and threw a lighted match,” Kanario told the Star.

A human torch, Eunice ran to Mariakani police station where police and residents put out the flames.

Makori surrendered and was jailed. Eunice is admitted to Mariakiani subcounty hospital.

The incident comes weeks after a Nakuru woman succumbed to her injuries after being set ablaze by her husband.

Lucy Nyira, a mother of three who was receiving treatment for burns at the Nakuru Level Five Hospital died from respiratory complications.

The 26-year-old mother was taken to the facility on Sunday and died at the facility on Friday morning after her husband poured paraffin on her and burned her alive.

The late Lucy Nyira, she succumbed to burn wounds after being set ablaze by her husband.

Mburu said that Lucy Nyira sustained inner respiratory complications after she inhaled hot air before being rescued from the ignited petroleum fire.

“The mother of three had at least 25 per cent burns especially on her face, arms, legs, neck and head.

Nyira passed on at 6 o’clock in the morning while receiving treatment at the facility,” said Mburu.

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