Home Entertainment Kitale man loses KSh 100k for ‘licking another man’s honeypot’ ▷ Kenya News

Kitale man loses KSh 100k for ‘licking another man’s honeypot’ ▷ Kenya News

by kenya-tribune

Residents of Goseta in Kitale were treated to rare drama after a married woman was caught red handed in an extramarital affair with a man later identified as Isaac Wafula.

This followed a decision the woman’s husband to seek the intervention of herbalist Mwikali Kilonzo after he received disturbing reports that his wife was a habitual cheat.

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The two were found stuck in a guest house writhing in pain. Photo: UGC.
Source: UGC

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The scene was in no way different from the several other cases of cheating husbands and wives that the medicine woman brought to the fore.

“This man came to me for intervention, he told me he suspected his wife was cheating on him but he lacked evidence to confront her. All he had was hearsay from friends and neighbours,” the medicine woman said.

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Kitale man loses KSh 100k for 'licking another man's honeypot'

Mwikali Kilonzo examined her client, gave him a special substance and asked him to introduce it in his wife’s bathing water. Photo: Mwikali Kilonzo.
Source: UGC

She gave the distressed man a special substance with a powerful spell and instructed him to secretly introduce it in his better half’s bathing water.

A week after he successfully carried out the plan, his wife was caught stuck in a guest house where she was ‘having a good time’ with her mpango wa kando.

The two were later separated from agony but after a long negotiation that saw the culprit caught licking from another man’s honeypot, pay KSh 100,000 in a move to secure the freedom.

Herbalist Mwikali Kilonzo has previously been in the limelight for nabbing thieves and recovering stolen property.

The most recent recovery was a Toyota Axio that was found in Taita Taveta after it was stolen from a home in Siaya in October.

On matters reproductive health, the herbalist is able to help barren women get children, treat STIs, control severe pain during menstruation among other issues.

She also has medicine to manage cancer, cures blood pressure, asthma, and severe headaches.

Contact her on 0722151645 and find a solution to your problem.

She is available in Mbitini Kitui County and Nairobi’s Kenyatta Market.

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