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KORIR: Changes to Sports Act detrimental

by kenya-tribune

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No industry in the country has been hit harder by the current turbulent financial times than sports.

Just when it was thought good times were on the horizon, another hammer has seemingly been dropped.

Plans are afoot to strip off the Sports and Heritage Ministry the powers to manage money accrued from betting taxes while giving Treasury the absolute power to control the over Sh12 billion.

The Sports Bill 2018 (amendment) seeks to, among other things, repeal Part 3 of the Sports Act 2013, which established the National Sports Fund — a key part of the law that sports stakeholders had hoped would address perennial lack of funding of sports activities and infrastructure.

Barely six months after President Uhuru Kenyatta appointed a substantive chairman, Wahoro Ndoho, to head the National Sports Fund, the sector is once again on its deathbed.

Of concern in the sporting fraternity is that those advocating for the repeal of the National Sports Fund under Sports Act 2013 are doing so using a regulation drafted by Treasury CS, which, in itself, is unconstitutional.

It’s sad that we want to wipe off the Sports Act, which took over 10 years to formulate, with enormous public and sports associations participation.

And as much as we would like to shout about this, it seems like our goose is cooked with Treasury Cabinet Secretary, Henry Rotich, having dashed Sports Ministry’s hopes by publishing it in a special issue of the Kenya Gazette on August 10 “in exercise of the powers conferred by section 24 (4) of the Public Finance Management Act.”

Anyway, whatever it is, it seems like we are back to square one and little to plan with.

We had been told to give our calendars to the Ministry of Sports but as things stand now, I do not foresee much.

It is a fact that the Sports Fund was going to remove the load off our shoulder but as it is, we will have to re-strategize once again.

Aluta Continua! There is no guarantee we will honour all our foreign trips.

We have seen the Kenya Sevens team struggle and I think this will still be the order of the day going forward.

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