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Kutuny irked by Ruto ‘fool’ remark

by kenya-tribune

Cherangany MP Joshua Kuttuny has told Deputy President William Ruto not to expect votes from farmers for opposing better maize prices. Ruto on Sunday asked the farmers to diversify, saying it was the way to go. He said those opposed to crop diversification were fools.

“Those people opposing diversification should be rejected by voters and should be denied even a chance to look after cattle because they are fools,” Ruto said in Kitale.

He was referring to Kutuny, MPs Alfred Keter and Silas Tiren who asked for investigations on the DP over the maize scandal. Kutuny yesterday said Ruto’s response had confirmed he has no interest of maize farmers.

”Any leader opposed to fighting for better maize prices should not expect any votes from the farmer,” Kutuny said.

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