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KWS team rescues Mt. Kenya climbers – KBC





A tourist, a guide and two porters who were scaling Mt. Kenya have been evacuated by a Kenya Wildlife Service rescue team after missing their way out of the expansive Mount Kenya National Park.

The tourist, a Kenyan, and her assistants approached the mountain from Chogoria gate on August 1, 2019, and on August 3, 2019, managed to scale the mountain to point Lenana, which is 10,000 feet above sea level.

A change of route through Kamweti area, which is not a designated gate, brought them face-to-face with a herd of elephants, which sent them scampering for safety, thus missing their trail.

The quartet ended up in a valley south of Thegu river high up the bamboo zone, one of them fell victim to mountain sickness, rendering him unable to walk without assistance.

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They called for assistance from a KWS ranger, prompting KWS mountain rescue team led by George Ombuki to swing into action.


Mountain area Assistant Director, Mr Simon Gitau, upon receiving the information mobilized a rescue operation team using a KWS chopper which managed to evacuate the tourist and her assistants from their ordeal in the mountain thicket on August 6, 2019.

The porter who fell victim to mountain sickness is responding well to medication.


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Volcano disaster puts spotlight on NZ adventure tourism [ARTICLE]




The South Pacific nation offers a wealth of adrenaline-fuelled pursuits, from heli-skiiing on snow-capped mountains to ballooning and blackwater rafting through caves.

Some, such as bungee-jumping, jet-boating and zorbing — where you hurl yourself down a hill inside an inflatable ball — were invented or popularised in a country that prides itself on catering to intrepid visitors.

The tourism industry as a whole is among New Zealand’s biggest earners, generating about NZ$16.2 billion ($10.7 billion) and attracting 3.8 million international visitors annually.

“Adventure tourism is a massive sector in New Zealand. We are promoting ourselves as the adventure capital of the world,” professor Michael Lueck, a tourism expert at Auckland University of Technology, told AFP.

New Zealand is also renowned for its rugged landscapes, which feature prominently films such as Kiwi director Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the Rings”.

Day-trips to White Island combined both, taking tourists including cruise ship passengers to a desolately beautiful island off the North Island coast where they could experience the thrill of standing on an active volcano.

Instead, at least 16 people are believed to have died and dozens suffered horrific burns when 47 tourists and guides were caught on the island during Monday’s eruption.

The disaster has raised questions about why tourists were allowed on a volcano where experts had recently raised threat levels, as well as broader issues about the regulation of risky activities in the tourism sector.

“There will be bigger questions in relation to this event,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told parliament after the eruption.

“These questions must be asked, and they must be answered.”

‘Slapdash’ or world’s best?

The disaster on White Island — also known as Whakaari — is not the first mass-fatality accident to affect tourists in New Zealand.

In 2015, seven people were killed when a scenic helicopter flight crashed into Fox Glacier. Two years earlier, a hot-air balloon claimed 11 lives and in 2010 nine died when a plane carrying skydivers plunged into a paddock.

Briton Chris Coker’s son Brad, 24, died in the skydive plane crash and since then he has campaigned from afar for tighter regulations in New Zealand’s adventure tourism sector.

“In my opinion, the New Zealand authorities… are still slapdash about tourist safety,” Coker told news website after the White Island eruption.


“To run tourists there is insane. I know they signed a waiver and so on, but it’s not really taking care of people.”

Trade body Tourism Industry Aotearoa disputes such assessments, saying operators are “working within a world’s best regulatory framework”, but could not eliminate risk completely.

“Operators put safety first, but adventure activity inherently carries some risk and it’s critical that ‘adventure’ remains in adventure tourism,” TIA chief executive Chris Roberts told AFP.

“Operators take all practical actions to minimise the risks and the safety culture of individual operators remains the key factor in preventing accidents.”

Roberts said the issue was not tourism operators, but the alert system they relied on at volcanic destinations such as White Island, which attracts about 17,000 visitors a year.

The GeoNet monitoring agency raised White Island’s threat level in the week before the eruption but also advised current activity “does not pose a direct hazard to visitors”.

“The reviews need to look at the science and specifically the guidance provided about volcanic activity, and whether the operating practices followed for the past 30 years need to change,” Roberts said.

‘Understand the risks’

Travel companies such as White Island Tours brief customers before setting off and require them to sign a waiver declaring they understand the risk, as well as supplying equipment such as hard-hats and gas masks.

However, some relatives of those affected by the eruption have expressed scepticism that their loved ones truly appreciated the potential danger they faced.

Options for legal redress are limited under New Zealand’s Accident Compensation Commission scheme, which covers victims’ medical bills and provides modest compensation but does not allow civil suits for damages.

Neither Roberts nor Lueck expected the White Island eruption to hit international arrivals in New Zealand, which have continued to climb despite major earthquakes in 2011 and 2016.

The nature of any review arising from White Island remains uncertain, but Lueck said at the very least tourists needed to be better informed about any risks.

“Operators and tourism boards should have tourists understand what these risks are, and not brush over quickly signing a waiver,” he said.

“Only then can tourists make an informed decision and decide whether or not they want to take that particular risk.”


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Inauma! Photos of Pastor Burale with bride leaves Kenyan women sobbing



Pastor Burale

Stylish city pastor Robert Burale caused a stir online after posting photos with a beautiful woman dressed in a white wedding gown. He was walking her down the aisle.

In one of the photos, he captioned,

A glorious day………Thank you

Pastor Burale

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This left thirsty women who’re always crushing on him heartbroken, but the woman in the photo was Burale’s sister Laura and not fiancee as many speculated.

An honor to stand in place of dad ..walking my baby sister to hand her over to her husband Isaac…… The Lord bless your union my baby sister …


Pastor Burale

 The invites only wedding ceremony took place at a popular beach resort in Malindi.

Check out comments from Kenyan women

Tabs Tasha My heart nearly disconnected from its socket 😂😂😂… Anyway I wish them the best in their new chapter

Emily Lawrence Your previous post caused a little confusion. 😂 😂 😂 Thanks for clarification

Wanjiru Ngigi Woi, rejoicing with 10000 others who almost had a broken heart

Ellie Ongeri Thanks for clarification..most ladies were on depressants (TID)😜😜😜😜😜. Wadada pris RB bado ako available achana kumeza depression drugs lol😉😉😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Muga S Odero Thanks for this clarification, it is lit elsewhere!

Sharlette Muga Sigh*..finally cleared the air, thank you and congratulations to your baby sister.

Ben Karuga I thought it was your wedding

Ann Blessed Wambo Well, let’s just say I died and resurrected before I read the word sister🤔😂😂🙆

sabinaredeemed This second caption I tell u, u brought people heart back together😂😂😂. Congrats sis

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njeri.milka 😂😂😂😂wenye walikua wame faint amkeni😂😂😂……Congratulations

shirleensaamun 🙌🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂Oya Kujeni, we can now breathe… He’s still single

joy_gwendo Sasa wewe MOG…unafanya watu wanataka kujiua… your previous post..🤣🤣 comments were hilarious

carole_cyrus Na vile Mashabiki wameumia!!!!🤣🤣

johnson_abuto Hehehehe umetuliza wenzetu roho Kwa kusema sister, whoever texted me that she is heartbroken please relax you can continue hunting yawa

nanjiranabaleka 😂😂😂 people thought you were the one walking down the aisle

The father of one has been single for more than five years now after parting ways with his estranged wife Rozina Mwakideu.

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Five signs you need to improve for the sake of your relationship



Men love it when you listen to them, try be a better listener (Shutterstock)

Do you ever feel like you are in a one-sided relationship? Do you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, that he is drifting away and you don’t seem to know why? Well, the fear of the unknown is the worst feeling ever. Love is sweet but at the same time it is never a bed of roses. Without even realizing it, you could be the one pushing him away by your actions and reactions.

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Here are signs that you need to improve for the sake of your relationship

He is no longer free to talk about himself with you

A good and healthy relationship is all about communication. If you embrace good communication in your relationship, you will never feel like he is drifting away. Communication keeps the relationship going and if both of you are interested in the relationship, then you will always share how you feel.

A man should always be free to talk to you about his issues. If you notice he is unusually quiet, then maybe you need to be more approachable. You might also want to try talking to him about it.

You are always seeing him as a burden

When it gets to the point where you feel your partner is a burden, first off, you might have to sit down and decide whether you want to fix the relationship or move on.

Chances are you have also made him feel like a burden in the relationship and he is withdrawing out of guilt. If you care about the relationship, you can have a talk about it and try to find amicable ways of relating with each other without either one of you feeling burdened.

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Without even realizing it, you could be the one pushing him away (Shutterstock)

You talk more than you listen


This is one of the worst traits of many women. Men love it when you listen to them. If you are more of a talker than a listener, you will notice him getting less interested in your talks, mostly doing something else as you talk. When a man stops listening to you, it’s time to work on your relationship and there’s no better way than to start by working on your listening skills.

Sex becomes a non-issue

Men love sex. If you are not giving it to him, he will definitely look for it elsewhere. Being unavailable emotionally and physically is likely to draw him away. Intimacy strengthens your emotional bonds and the lack of it is likely to have a strain on your relationship. For a healthy relationship, you should not be a woman of many excuses.

You find yourself forcing him to commit

You cannot force a man to commit. A man will commit to you when the time is right for him, and when he feels deep down he wants to. If you find yourself harbouring thoughts of trapping him or blackmailing him to commit, then you need to make adjustments lest you lose him altogether.

When a man notices that you are somehow forcing him to commit, always raising the issue, he freaks out and may end up drifting away from you. Give your man the time he needs and be the best partner for him. Everything will certainly fall into place.

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Any relationship can be fixed. If you notice any of the above, you may have to start making changes from your end. Fix them and save yourself the agony of losing a beautiful relationship.

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