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LEGAL AID: I’m not sure who the father of my child is, help!

by kenya-tribune

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I had unprotected sex with two men on the same day and became pregnant. Neither wants to take responsibility before official proof of paternity. How do I go about getting the court to order for DNA testing and subsequent child support?

Thank you for taking the courage to ask this question. It demonstrates your honesty and desire to find an amicable solution to the situation.

I would like you to know that there are many women out there facing similar challenges. Your question presents two issues: i) Paternity; and ii) Child maintenance.

I will address first question profoundly since its outcome determines the second. It will be prudent to wait until the baby is born upon which you can request the two to take a DNA test to determine paternity.

Assuming they fail to cooperate, then you may proceed to sue the person you reasonably suspect to be the father.

The court may order for paternity test, determine who should bear the cost of the test and finally make relevant orders based on the results.

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