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‘Likes will finish us’ Kamene and Kibe call out Pastor Ng’ang’a for clout chasing

by kenya-tribune

Yesterday Pastor Ng’ang’a made headlines after claiming he can cure coronavirus through God’s power. Kamene and Kibe shared their two cents on this.

On The Morning Kiss, Kamene was updating Kibe on what happened while he was away. She said that she read on Kiss100.co.ke Pastor Ng’ang’a saying that he just wants to be in a house with the coronavirus affected patience so that he can cure them.

Read the story below:

‘I would be locked in a house with them,’ Pastor Ng’ang’a on his steps to cure coronavirus

Kibe sighed and said he can not deal with this. Angered by this story, he said,

When he did the Snoop Dogg thingy calling him sijui snuffu sniffu I thought he genuinely didn’t know the guy so I forgave him. Then he did the Kan Kaka. I was like aah no. Even a two year old baby can say King Kaka. That is when I was like he probably has Snoop Doggs CD in his car. Then now rona (corona) is here and he asked ati what is that? He couldn’t say it. That is when I knew this the guy for the likes.

Pastor Nganga risks jail over his utterances in that video.

Kamene who was laughing asked Kibe how he is in a first name basis with coronavirus. He said when something stays for too long and you have to get used to it, you familiarize yourself with it. I am sure who have seen all the ‘rona’ memes on social media.



She then conquered with him on the Pastor Ng’ang’a story.

He is a guy who wants to trend I tell you this likes will finish us.


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