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Machogu should enforce Magoha reforms

by kenya-tribune

The death of former Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha remains a shocker to many Kenyans. His passion for seeking an effective education system in the country will be missed.

As CS, Prof Magoha was determined to ensure nothing interfered with the education sector. His stern action in pursuit of reforms improved the sector.

He was known for taking his responsibilities with gusto and endurance. Following the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak in early 2020 that distracted education globally, leading to closure of schools, he ensured that learning in Kenya was sustained.

During the pandemic-induced lockdowns, the former long-serving University of Nairobi vice-chancellor came up with a plan that ensured learners could continue learning from home, with some universities even conducting examinations remotely.

Vocational education

He boosted Kenyans’ faith in technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutes, hitherto widely considered inferior, by ensuring they were recognised. He strongly advocated for the sub-sector, which is critical in alleviating the unemployment menace by offering tailored programmes to address various needs and challenges.

It was Prof Magoha who launched the National Education Management Information System (Nemis), whose objective was to streamline data management for informed decision-making and planning of the education sector. This in turn helped to weed out ghost students and schools as well as end cases of deserving students being blocked from secondary school by corrupt principals.

He will also be remembered for establishing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC), which is being rolled out to replace 8-4-4. CBC focuses on helping learners to realise their talents and acquire the requisite skills for the workplace, unlike exam-oriented rote learning.

Illegal levies

The accomplished surgeon and scholar will also be remembered for his unwavering stand against the practice of school heads sending learners home due to school fees balances. His intervention ensured that children from all walks of life acquired an education.

He was also against school heads who imposed illegal levies that were beyond the reach of many parents. Furthermore, he encouraged parents to negotiate with head teachers on fees payment as students continued to learn rather than staying at home. This was a relief for many children, who, for a long time, had stayed at home due to lack of school fees.

As the nation mourns Prof Magoha, I request his successor, Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu, to enforce these reforms because they are very helpful to Kenya’s children. That will not only improve the education sector but also be a fitting way of appreciating the late Prof Magoha for his selfless efforts.

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