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Mama Grace Onyango Father…Religion,Politics and independence – Weekly Citizen

by kenya-tribune

The late Mama Grace Onyango’s father, Noo Ishmael Ooro, was respected in his community for his upright character and his ability to instill in his children the values of discipline and hard work.

He began his spiritual path in the Anglican church, which was then known as the Christian Missionary Society.

Ishmael Noo split from the Anglican Church (then known as the Christian Missionary Society) in 1932 over a disagreement with Bishop Shadrack Osewe and Archdeacon Owen.

After breaking away,Ishmael Noo founded the Christian Universal Evangelist Mission, which became known as the Injili Church .

He initially focused his efforts in Kenya, but in 1938 he expanded his efforts to Uganda as well. After that, he brought the church to Rwanda in 1939 and Tanzania in 1941.

Ishmael Noo came back to kenya from Uganda in 1918, tagged along with his wife Turfen Achola Nyar Samia, where he Ishmael Noo Ooro was working with the East African Railway after becoming saved and hence came back to spread the gospel to his homeland.

It is also during this time tht Mzee Ishmael Noo Ooro gave shelter to Bildad Kagia for years in his home where they spread the gospel together for some time.

Later on in 1947 the Subclans of Owak Kotingo(1), Awuoro (2)Nyarondo(3)Kwach(4)Achar started a communal grouping under the leadership of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga being the political leader and business leadet and Ishmael Noo being the spitirual leader.

Jaramogi Oginga

The communal grouping is what evolved to be called Luo Thrift, which was meant to bring Luos together.

Ishmael Noos, along with his three children the late Grace Onyango who was the Women League Leader in pre independent Kenya.

His Son Jaoko Aloo who was the secretary of Kanu between 1961-1966, Ochola Achola chuma liet who was the organisations youth leader from 1958) and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga were united by their shared desire for independence and the close relationship between them.

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