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Maralal road workers protest mistreatment by Chinese contractor

by kenya-tribune

Dozens of labourers at a Chinese company contracted to tarmac Suguta-Maralal road on Saturday downed their tools citing poor working conditions.

They lamented that the contractor has failed to pay them overtime as stated in their employment contract further accusing the road firm of exploiting them.

The 116 workers held demonstrations outside the Sino Hydro’s office near Samburu teachers’ college in Maralal town.

The lot said they are always dismissed anytime they raise issue with the contractor on the pay.

“We have to report to work at 6am and leave at 8pm. When we ask about overtime payment, the Chinese dismiss us.”

Workers on the site are paid Sh500 per day and are not provided with lunch or any protective gear.

They alleged that their Chinese counterparts are provided with packed lunch and bottled drinking water.

Sino Hydro company manager Michael Chou denied the allegations saying they provide all employees with protective gears.

Further, he said that Sino Hydro does not determine the salaries of the employees.

“Most of them are plant operators. The company hires construction equipment from other companies,” he said.

“When we hire equipment, the company we hire from determines how much we should pay operators.”

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