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Marriage To A Celebrity Is A Nightmare, Bahati Fans – GhettoRadio 89.5 FM

by kenya-tribune

“Na usijam nikikam home nikinukia madem after kuperform” This lines came from Rapper Bobby Mapesa featuring Genge Star Nonini in the song ‘Mtoto Mzuri Remix’ barely a decade ago.

The bad boy rapper Mapesa, was addressing his better half to go slow on his association with female fans.Perhaps this is normal with many artist’s who have to contend with women drooling over them during shows, after all it’s work.

Well,Former gospel Star turned secular artist Kevin Bahati has had a section of netizens raise eyebrows for his flirtation with dancer, Aggie ‘The Dance Queen’ in his new video – My Beginning.

It’s a love song laced on a high paced beat and features great sensual choreography from Bahati and Aggie shot in an indoor set up.Aggie wines her waist mercilessly while Bahati grinds her with reckless abandon, keep in mind both are married and have families of their own.

The display got many tongues wagging, they argued that it was overboard.

“Kukua bibi ya msanii ni ngumu😂😂😂😂😂😂😂” fired one fan.

“If I was DianaB right now ningekua napumua moto ya tyre uweeh😂😂😂😂mabibi za maceleb si mko na roho na spareparts” shot another fan

“Akaa kamedeliver juzi kameanza kunjwa kama mtura ya jioni” appeared another one.

Despite the noise,others commended the duet for giving out an A game.

“Mama good job, assignment well done 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” read one comment.

“You gave it all 🔥🔥🔥🔥the energy is on another level 👏👏👏congratulations” read another one.

Following The Norm.

Since time immemorial, artist’s are known to dramatize their video’s with matching concepts that aids in storytelling.

The nitty-gritties propels the video’s to higher levels bagging awards during competitions.

When Us Singer Nelly collaborated with Kelly Rowland on the song ‘Dilemma’ romours of their dating spread due to the ‘intimacy’ showcased in the video. However, they both refuted the claims.

We’ve had Nadia and Mejja on Legeza,Otile Brown and Sanaipei on Chaguo Langu, Sean Paul and Sasha on Am Still In Love.The list is endless.

Do you think this is purely showbiz? Share your thoughts.

By Steve Osaka.

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