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MCAs need to be strictly regulated

by kenya-tribune

Activities at various counties are grinding to a halt as MCAs refuse to approve supplementary budgets.

In Kitui MCAs are complaining that Governor Charity Ngilu is incompetent for not paying salaries and pending bills. But blocking the supplementary budget will only make matters worse (P26).

In other counties like Kirinyaga, MCAs are fighting with governors over county finances.

Often the MCAs are pursuing political and personal grievances. In Kitui the battle is partly driven by differing political affiliations and partly by Ngilu’s refusal to pay for the MCAs to make expensive benchmarking trips to Mombasa and elsewhere outside the county.

Many MCAs are becoming big-headed. Some are dedicated public representatives but too many are pursuing their own self-interest. They earn big salaries (up to Sh400,000 per month) plus allowances. They have become mini MPs.

In November county speakers requested that the Senate find a mechanism to prevent frivolous impeachments. There also needs to be a mechanism to ensure that properly prepared budgets are passed in good time. MCAs need to be more strictly regulated.

 Quote of the day: “China is an attractive piece of meat coveted by all but very tough, and for years no one has been able to bite into it.”

Zhou Enlai

The Chinese premier died on 8 January, 1976













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