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Meet the handsome son to Maina Kageni’s fan, Wakanai

by kenya-tribune
Wakanai and Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni is among celebs known for keeping his private life on thr low.

This is despite his celebrity status.One man whoever has a place in Maina’s heart.

This man is Wakanai, a man loved and hated in equal measure, but nothing beats the fact that he is a dedicated family man.

Maina Kageni and Wakanai

In one of his posts, Wakanai advises that in life all a man is supposed to do is be the man his woman needs him to be.

A man doesn’t need to be perfect to make a woman happy.

All he needs to do is to be the man he said he was when he first met her.


Wakanai has on a few occasions left many shocked given that he is known for his controversial views about relationships.

His advice to them is,

No need for gym time. S#x in the morning is equivalent to having spent the first few hours in the morning at the gym.

It is believed that an hour of sex can burn as much fats as a 30-minute jog.

Wakanai may pass for a joker but he is a serious family man whose son graduated from high school in May 2019.

Taking the chance to congratulate his son, Wakanai penned a touching post on how proud he is of him.

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