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Men From This 7 Kenyan Tribes Are The Best In Lungula

by kenya-tribune
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Some dudes keep yapping about how Kenyan ladies are not good in bed because they just lay there and let the lads do all the work *if you know what I mean* and for some reason, we tend to focus more on one side.

As they say, when it comes to lungula, it takes two to tango, (sio kulala hapo tu kama gunia while the guy sweats it out!)…. but as much as the men want to emphasize that a chic should take the lead when it comes to matters bedroom, I don’t think so.

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Since the dudes always want to show their prowess when it comes to being the head of the house, relationships, finances, and such… why can’t they also take charge when it comes to sex with their girlfriends, clandes, mistresses..whatever the case!

How about today we delve into the men’s world and do a little digging, to find out which Kenyan men are on top of their game! Let us throw some shade on this Kenyan men.

I asked a few ladies in the office to candidly tell me which tribe they think have got good and mind-blowing sex… and from that I came up with the list below. Open the next page to find out more.

Starting from the best:

Yes, this particular tribe seems to take the top position on this list, and from the response I got, they know how to play their games well, know how to please a woman and hit the ‘right’ spot! One lady said: “They are amazing, have stamina, and are well endowed too!” With Luhyas, they will quench your ‘thirst’ and satisfy you the way a man should do!

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And taking the number two spot are the Kalenjins.. though I didn’t see this coming…but the ladies agreed that they are on top of their game! They happen to be very well endowed and know how to be in control, can be romantic ( but not all of them). The urbanites take this one, not the rural folks. Yes ladies, if you thought that they are only good at athletics, think again!

Apparently, they are not so romantic and can actually be boring at times, but when it comes to stamina, they are most definitely the best and can take you for a good ride. If you want endurance in your sex life, these are the best lads to go to… haya basi.. ‘Mayakos’ here we come!

Most of them may not even say the word ‘babe’ correctly, but when it comes to bedroom matters, they will take you for the ride of your life and apparently, they are very well endowed… Maybe for some ladies, it could be more than you can handle… though one of the ladies said: “Not even slightly romantic!”
But if you are not looking for romance, this may just work for you!

5. LUO
Our men from the Lake side could not miss out on this list and the first compliment I got about them is that they are very romantic, and though most of them are not all that endowed, they know how to ‘please’ a woman and go all the way. They have no restrictions and are adventures in bed! Though some of them can have a huge ego even when it comes to sex, my Luo brothers, leave your Mercedes and dollars out the door and work on a woman the way it’s supposed to be! Yawa!

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They are not so many when it comes to their population, but I hear when you get one, you will definitely break a leg…okay..kidding. Kuria men are apparently very good when it comes to lungula and intimacy, they are very good, romantic and go for long… *wink wink*…. If this applauds on Kuria men are anything to go by, I’m going to start looking for one the minute I’m done with this article.. and please don’t judge!

Well, well, well…look who we have here. They actually almost missed on this list,…because the kind of responses I got were like: “they are selfish even in bed”, “don’t even bother, they are useless”, “they are not worth the energy and time”, jeez…so many negative comments. But 2 out of the 10 lasses at least said that some of them can be explosive and wild..in a nice way and can be sweet in bed!

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, do you agree with this or nah? And which tribe do you think rocks in bed that we haven’t included here?

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