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Mombasa police praised after operation to weed out gang

by kenya-tribune

Human rights activists have commended officers from Central police station for conducting a
raid and arresting suspected criminals.

The officers, in collaboration with residents, on Thursday raided a house used by the Temeke criminal gang
operating in Kuze, Old Town, Mombasa county.

suspected gang members, Fareed Mbarak, 26, and Abra Mwinyi, 21, were arrested.

leader escaped.

Temeke is
one of the juvenile criminal gangs operating in Mombasa county.

apparatus have declared war on criminal gangs that have been terrorising residents.

Old Town,
Majengo, Kisaunki and Likoni are notorious hideouts for the gangs,
which sometimes clash, leaving a trail of destruction, injuries and death.

county police commander Johnston Ipara said the two were charged with being in
possession of drugs and stolen property.

“The two
were found with 5kg of bhang – 15 sachets and 21 roles,” Ipara said on Friday.

He said
police also recovered two swords, a knife, Sh13,641.

phones were also recovered.

Africa executive director Hussein Khalid commended police for the manner in
which the raid was conducted.

He said it
is encouraging to see police arresting suspects.

“This is
the way to go. We are tired of hearing cases of police shooting and killing
suspects. That is extrajudicial killing and it does not help,” said Khalid.

move is an excellent show of how the security authorities can work together with
members of the community to promote safety and security. It is also a good
example of how suspects should be arrested and made to face the law.”

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