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Morning habits that make you look older than your age

by kenya-tribune

Lolita Bunde

We all feel the need to look younger and dress appropriately for our age (Shutterstock)

As you grow older, the need to take care of your skin and health in general beckons. You feel the need to look younger and dress appropriately for your age in order to keep up with reality.


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However, there are some things you could be doing that are making you look older than your age.

Here are some morning habits that you do knowingly and sometimes unknowingly that could be making you look older than you should:

Skipping your exercising routine

Well it is no secret exercising keeps you feeling younger and energetic throughout the day.

However, when you get into the habit of regularly missing your morning workout routine, this could slowly be aging your skin. You may not know it but exercising actually reduces your aging process by turning off aging in your chromosomes.

Furthermore, working out increases circulation on your skin and keeps your face looking younger and moisturized. Sparing around fifteen to twenty minutes of your morning every day is all you need.

Too much coffee


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One cup of coffee is okay. You need it to help you wake up and kick off your day. However, when you go for a second or third cup of coffee that is where the problem begins. Although it is prudent to note that coffee doesn’t cause acnes but only makes the existing ones worse.

Coffee increases your body’s stress response and these hormones, such as cortisol, may increase the amount of oil produced by your sebaceous glands. That can lead to frequent breakouts. 

When you take coffee, it is important to hydrate. The amount of coffee you ingest should be matched with the amount of water you drink in order to keep your skin from drying. Which will ultimately make you look older.

The amount of coffee you ingest should be matched with the amount of water you drink (Shutterstock)

Putting on excess makeup

While makeup will give you the confidence you need to face your day and people around you, it will also slowly age you in the process.

Makeup and other environmental pollutants will seep into your pores and break down elastin and collagen which speed up the aging process. You might start noticing wrinkle lines under your eyes and your skin looking drier.

Avoid sleeping in your makeup at night, you don’t give your skin the opportunity to breath after a long day of seeping in pollutants.


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Also, ensure to follow your cleansing routine to rid your skin of the dirt and excess makeup. This will keep it moisturized and looking vibrant.

You are over exfoliating

While it is important to exfoliate once in a while to open your pores, overdoing it may expose your skin to damage. If you need to exfoliate do it at night when you know you have nowhere to go and your skin can rest and be restored.

However, avoid morning facial scrubs that will leave your face vulnerable to environmental pollutants and makeup products.

When you constantly exfoliate, you are removing the only protective barrier your skin has. This will lead to dehydration and visible wrinkles.

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