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MPs to form Ad Hoc committee to amend constitution

by kenya-tribune

The National Assembly is Wednesday expected to constitute an ad hoc committee to amend the constitution.

The ad-hoc committee will be mandated to steer the process of entrenching NG-CDF, the senate oversight fund and other affirmative funds in the constitution.

The legislative proposal by Matungulu MP Stephen Mule and his Gichugu counterpart Gichimu Githinji – the co-sponsors, wants the law changed to provide that 5pc of national government revenue goes to NG- CDF.

They have also proposed that 0.25 percent of national government revenue be allocated to NGAAF and 0.001pc towards the Senate Oversight Fund.

For the Economic Stimulus and Empowerment Fund, the lawmakers want the kitty to provide for programmes relating to the empowerment of men, women, youth, and people living with disabilities.

The move by the legislators follows the annulment of the CDF Act, 2013 by the supreme court.

Initially, they dismissed the ruling arguing the current fund is being implemented under a new law—NG-CDF, 2015-and not the CDF Act, 2013, which was declared unconstitutional.


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