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Mungu wape nguvu! Dr Adisa Lugaliki’s siblings pay touching tributes as she’s laid to rest

by kenya-tribune

Death leaves a gap no one can fill. Dr Adisa Lugaliki has left a huge one and her family is yet to come to terms with her untimely demise.

Dr Adisa was taken to Aga Khan University hospital on Monday, July 5 at 10 pm by two of her siblings, where she was diagnosed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and admitted.

On Wednesday 7th, her condition deteriorated after testing positive for COVID-19 and was transferred to the ICU where she succumbed to complications arising from Covid-19 on the morning of July 10.

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Dr Adisa Lugaliki’s siblings paid moving tributes to him and below is what each and everyone had to say about the loving sister.


Carol’s Tribute
Many knew you as Dr Adisa Doreen Lugaliki, a brilliant, selfless and dedicated consultant obstetrician.
To me, you are much more than that… . . You are Ady… My confidant, BFF and amazing sister. Death
was a common topic of discussion for us up until we took you to Nairobi Hospital and later Aga Khan
Hospital. We knew the drill upon the death of either of us… The one who would go first would ensure
a number of things; you were to wear a beautiful white gown, rest at Lee Funeral Home, and have
your make up excellently done. We were to be in no hurry to bury you. We were to take at least 10
days before we laid you to rest. We were to mourn you the Maragoli Style complete with Isukuti… . .
to dance to reggae and preferably get some nice mix from DJ Mo. That is how you were to exit. Not
like this. I am sorry Ady.
You love having your family over at your house, every other day… . . wining, dining, dancing and
laughing. Being you… . The life of the party. The terrace you recently renovated was for us. Now
I wonder whether there is an US without you. As your sisters and few chosen friends, you fondly referred to us as ‘bitches’. We miss you bitch. To our parents, you are ‘daktari’. To my children, you are
‘mom’. To your nephews and nieces, you are the favorite aunty who spoiled them with hugs, kisses
and gifts. Torture is living without all this… .without you… .without Ady.
COVID19. You warned us against visiting our parents since this would put them at risk of contracting
the virus. You worried so much about them, yet went about, putting your life at risk by discharging
your duties as a doctor. At the casualty, you were overly chatty, hopeful you would get out, yet weak.
I asked you to get some rest. God decided to give you permanent rest. Arest not welcome. We already
had made plans once a vaccine would be invented…we had unfinished business Ady. The twins… .
Your worst fear was not having to raise them. You said, they were the reason behind your toil. You
looked forward to your annual holiday trips where you would spend quality time with them. I will
keep the promises I made to you concerning them. Too bad, the planned trip to the Caribbean that
we were to take once we turned sixty will not happen. Too badwe wont play with our grandchildren as we had hoped. If God gives me the opportunity to meet them, I shall tell them a story. A story about my friend. Ady. Who also happened to be my sister.
For now, I refuse to let you go.

Sheila’s Tribute

You were my fighter, my protector, even in my adulthood. A mentor, friend and sister. I will love you
till my last breath.

Mato’s Tribute

Ady, its hard to believe you are no more. Just the other day we were with you, you were with your
family, happy as ever, cool as ever my dear sister. . .I can’t imagine that was the last time we were
spending time together. You were such a great and loving person who always had our backs no matter
what. I can’t express how good you were to all of us, let me just say thank you again. You will forever be loved and cherished. I love and miss you dearly. Till we meet again.

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Lenny’s Tribute

Without you Doreen, my life will be like a book without page numbers. The story will go on, but
it might feel out of order. I miss you, my sister, your spirit dulled to a whisper. Doreen you were the gift
I never asked for, but always wanted. Every time I see two sisters, I smile then I cry. I once had that
kind of love, but now it’s hard to find. Doreen, now you are the missing piece in the game of my
life and you will be forever. When you were alive, I always enjoyed your company, love and food – now
I can’t stop missing you. Rest In Power my sister I’ll always love you


Eva’s Tribute

Your love and dedication for your job and patients has cost us a daughter, an adoring mother, adear sibling, the favorite aunty and a wonderful sister-in-law. No occasion, function, activity, none
medical call or hour of the night held you back from dashing to go and attend to your patients.
Kyla and Kyle no longer have their precious mother. They have paid the greatest price for your
dedication and sacrifice. A price too early and too costly to pay at their tender age. Jealously watch
over your adorable, smart and confident twins. None of us can fill the shoes you have left as a
mother. We will only try.
Our parents no longer have their daughter. Their primary doctor is gone. No parent should have to
bury their child. I wish I could tell you how they are holding up, I really wish…but you did not hold on
enough for me to travel. Be their guardian angel.
We, your siblings no longer have a sister who will constantly host us for no reason, ask us to pass by
and feed us so much. We will miss your brilliant conversations, charisma, generosity,love, care and
unwavering support. We owe the twins and we will do our best to protect, love,cherish, guard and
support them. I don’t know how to process this pain. I’m so sorry I won’t have the chance to say goodbye. You were so stable a patient at admission. Your will to fight could be seen in your eyes and calmness in this last photo I have of you. Until I make it to your tomb, I will keep walking in the cemeteries here, waiting and hoping on you to give me a sign and for God to make me understand why you? Until we meet again, swing on that coat, strut those heels and may the heavens rejoice for gaining the most precious gem, far too early. Rest. Ing’ahizu.

Rachel’s Tribute

Ady my sister, you have left me speechless. We shared a lot mwanitu. Sleep well my sister.
You fought the good fight, you finished the race, you kept the faith. Sleep well my sister.

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