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Muturi upholds House approval of 8% fuel tax amid protests

by kenya-tribune

National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has upheld the House decision on the 8 per cent fuel tax proposal.

This would mean that Kenyans will have to pay the Value Added Tax on fuel after a scrutiny by ICT showed the vote was in order.

The Speaker had suspended the sitting for 15 minutes for the review after members disputed the earlier outcome.

The VAT proposal sailed through after those opposed to the charge failed to raise the required threshold of 233 votes.

Muturi, in the second lap, confirmed that there were 215 MPs in the House, a number he said did not meet the threshold for a vote.

The law requires that at least 233 of the 349 MPs must be in the House before any voting on such matter is done.

MPs broke into a shouting march after the speaker read out the findings of the ICT and Hansard reports.

A number of them were heard cursing at the Speaker saying “Muturi must go!”

The value added tax on
fuel was set at 16 per cent effective September 1 before angry protests saw President Uhuru Kenyatta slash it to 8 per cent.

Lawmakers opposed to the tax on the grounds that it would worsen the pressure on Kenyans to meet their daily basic needs.

MPs had rejected the first vote and demanded
another one but were overruled by the speaker.

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