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Mwale City receives industrial grade solar batteries from Elon Musk’s Tesla » Capital News

by kenya-tribune

KAKAMEGA, Kenya, Feb 2 — Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) has received industrial grade solar power storage batteries from the United States of America.

The batteries from Elon Musk’s Tesla company will be used to power MMTC city power needs which is currently being upgraded to 10 Megawatts.

“We had a major boost in our industrial district as Elon Musk’s Tesla company delivered containers of industrial grade solar power storage batteries from USA .

“The batteries are part of the power upgrade process at the completed Solar power plant from 1MW to 10MW and later on to 50MW.

“Tesla batteries have superior capacity to store the solar power captured by solar power panels, and feed it into the transformers,” MMTC said in a statement.

Transformers will then deliver the power to the currently open 5,000 patient capacity Hamptons Hospital and for other city needs.

“This guarantees that the power captured during the sunshine can be used 24 hours without being wasted.

Green City

“The delivered batteries can store thousands of Kilowatts of electricity which can run an entire City. Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) is a 100% green city that does not rely on the national grid power,” MMTC stated.

The solar power plant is the main electricity source of the city and currently 3,000 solar streetlights covering over 150km of roads within MMTC have been installed.

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“The powerful Tesla batteries were part of the 19 shipping containers for the hospital’s smart power system that will see advanced bio nuclear equipments like PET Scans and MRIs get implemented for efficient healthcare access.

“This will advance Kenya’s position globally as the center of advanced healthcare. Hamptons Hospital opened in 2019 and treats Kenyans and Medical tourists. Kakamega County residents with NHIF are treated without paying extra co-payment charges,” MMTC added.

MMTC is a Sh220 billion city founded by US-based business tycoon Julius Mwale.

Solar lighting

MMTC’s Hamptons Hospital launched Sh1 billion solar lighting program targeting schools and markets in the Western Kenya region.

The project began in 2021 and it saw the hospital distribute and install over 3,000 solar-powered streetlights which were installed in Butere on the roads, markets, and schools around MMTC in phase 1 and 2.

The solar streetlights program has so far reached markets and schools in Mumias East and West, Marama North-South-West, and Central and covered markets and schools in Lurambi, Navakholo, and Ikolomani.

MMTC’s Hamptons hospital is a 5000 patient capacity hospital , and will be able to serve 12,000 patients daily at full capacity.

Last month, MMTC unveiled final renderings of a world-class multiplex sports arena in its Airport District.

The new multi-billion shillings sports arena will cement MMTC as a global leading talent and entertainment center, and support sports medicine and tourism as part of the City’s medical tourism program.

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“The multiplex arena will add to our 36-hole Hamptons golf course which is located in the Golf District of MMTC.

“The multiplex sports arena will host all sports including soccer, rugby, basketball, Tennis, hockey, volleyball, American football and swimming,” MMTC said in a statement.

Other activities like concerts, forums, Virtual reality , and additional revunue generators will be hosted for maximum utilization of the arena.

A talent innovation school will train, nurture and educate thousands of youth in sports, and enable them to compete internationally.

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