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Mwarabu Fighter addresses accusations by Diamond he bedded Harmonize’s fiance

by kenya-tribune
Diamond Platnumz and Mwarabu Fighter.

Diamond Platnumz’s former bodyguard Mwarabu Fighter has claimed that while working for the WCB superstar, he was earning little.

Speaking to Bongo 5, Mwarabu said that the remuneration her received from Diamond was not enough to sustain his family for even two weeks. Upon leaving Diamond’s side, Mwarabu said that he went through a rough patch.

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“When I quit my job I suffered a lot because I did not have money. Let the youth learn from my experience.

“Despite my commitment to guarding Diamond’s brand, I had nothing in my pocket. At that time, I had no car or motorcycle to ease my movement so I used public service vehicles.

“My salary could not even cater for my two weeks’ needs but I had no other option.”

Diamond singing about him

Mwarabu also spoke about Diamond mentioning him in his song Inama featuring Fally Ipupa regarding rumours he had an affair with Harmonize’s fiancé, Sarah.

Harmonize and Sarah.

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“Mwembamba mnene uwe na pesa kama Dangote(Dangote), penzi halijali umasikini laweza penda mtu yoyote, penzi sio somo ukasome kwa kitabu, penzi limefanya Harmonize afukuzishe Mwarabu…” sang Diamond.

“Both Diamond and Harmonize know the truth. They are using their songs to pass on messages but don’t want to speak the truth.

“I’m glad they’re talking about me because they still remember all the big things I did for them,” he said.



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