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‘My bae went to smash another lady and left me in a hotel room’

by kenya-tribune

A disappointed Kenyan woman has narrated how her boyfriend left her stranded in a lodging only for him to call and apologize weeks later.

Sharing his predicament with Jalango *Jane said

‘Earlier this year my boyfriend disappointed me after leaving me sleeping in a lodging stating that he was going to watch a football match.

He only apologized two weeks later.’


‘I asked my boyfriend to let me sleep in his house as I was to travel upcountry the next day.

He told me that he was not around adding he had gone to watch football. I asked him to just bring me the house keys and go back to watch football.

I did not have an issue, He told me he could not come as he was with his friends.

He sent me a text stating that he could not leave his friends, I found a place to sleep (lodging) but he did not even care to know how I slept.

He called two weeks later to apologize but I feel like I cannot forgive him please advise.’

*Racheal who is also a Kenyan who has gone through the same problem narrated how she was left alone in a hotel room.

‘I was dating *Mike a married man for six months. at the end of 2019 he decided to take me out on a three days trip to Coast.

The first day went well , we drunk , slept and made merry. On the second day he said that he wanted to go and visit a ‘sister’ who lives within the same locality we were in.

Unknown to me he was withing the same hotel sleeping with another woman.’

Racheal added

‘To make matters worse he even cancelled his return ticket prompting me back to Nairobi alone.

Mark you once i arrived in Nairobi he did not even call to ask whether I had arrived safely. That is when I realized that men are trash.’

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