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‘My plan is to collaborate with Rihanna’ Nandy reveals 2019 plans

by kenya-tribune

Nandy is in Kenya for her fans because we love her too much.

Her hit song, Ninogeshe was what caught the attention of Kenyans and in every club night, it is always requested. In an interview on KISS FM this morning, she opened up about her new song ‘Hazipo‘ which was shot in Mombasa.

This was the first time Nandy did a song outside Tanzania and directed by a Kenyan. The one thing she promises is that this year, she is going to surprise her fans with drastic changes. The first step was Nandy doing a video in a costume, something that she has never done, a move fans did not expect at all.

She opened up to Shaffie and Adelle saying that most of her songs are based on her emotions and what women go through. Nandy is here to express what women feel. The songs she says are words you can dedicate to the one you love.

But that is not all Nandy will be giving us. She has promised her fans that this is the year she is changing the game. She wants to go international and not only Africa, but her dream is to work with Rihanna.

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Her new song, Hazipo has already gained 78,000 views and it was launched last night. The plan is to scoop 3 million views in a month, then reward her fans with a big track alongside a big artiste.

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