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Nairobi County Assembly to resume regular sittings in two weeks’ time – Nairobi News

by kenya-tribune

Nairobi County Assembly will resume its regular sittings two weeks from today after being suspended indefinitely last week by Speaker Beatrice Elachi.

Speaker Elachi, in a Gazette notice, said that regular plenary will resume on October 29 as from 2:30pm in accordance with the assembly’s calendar.

This comes after the Speaker adjourned the regular sittings indefinitely last week following chaos witnessed at the assembly where rival MCAs clashed leading to damage of assembly properties.

The assembly plenary, which was to resume on Tuesday in the afternoon as is the norm, will now not be the case.

“The County Assembly shall resume its regular sittings in accordance with the Assembly calendar on Tuesday, 29th October, 2019 in the Assembly Chambers, City Hall Building, Nairobi, commencing at 2.30 p.m,” Elachi said in a notice dated October 11, 2019.

Last Wednesday, Ms Elachi indefinitely suspended assembly sittings following the chaos witnessed at the precincts same day, saying that ward representatives will be notified of the date of return of the plenary.

Speaker Elachi said that she took the decision in order to give time for normalcy to return at the assembly before allowing for the sittings to resume.

“We will gazette the return of the plenary. I saw if fit to do so to calm the rising temperatures and reorganize to do the right things,” Elachi said last week.


However, a rival faction of ward representatives opposed to her return as the Speaker has dismissed the adjournment terming it unprocedural vowing to defy it.

Majority Leader Abdi Guyo said that they will only resume sittings called by the acting Speaker Chege Mwaura.

“If the Speaker calls the plenary we will go. But as far as we know, our speaker is still Chege Mwaura,” said Mr Guyo, adding that they still have a number of grievances that must be sorted out by Jubilee Party if they are to work together with Ms Elachi.

“Until the party brings us to the table because Elachi is a Jubilee speaker, and we air our grievances with her, we will not work together.”

The assembly was last week turned into a battlefield as rival ward representatives clashed over the return of Ms Elachi more than a year after her ouster from office by the MCAs.

On one side were MCAs who are supporting Elachi’s return while on the other side were those who were against her return and in support of Mr Guyo, a sworn enemy of the Speaker.

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