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Nakuru Ruto allies jump ship, back Uhuru

by kenya-tribune



Eight Nakuru legislators allied to Deputy President William Ruto on Monday made a hasty retreat and vowed to support President Uhuru Kenyatta realise the Jubilee Party dream for a better Kenya.

The move came a few hours after President Kenyatta called a Jubilee National Assembly Parliamentary Group meeting at State House, Nairobi.

Addressing the press at Hotel Kunste in Nakuru town, the politicians said they had no personal differences with the Head of State.

They stated their willingness to work with the President to ensure the Jubilee agenda anchored around the Big Four Agenda are realised.


The legislators included Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri, Kuria Kimani (Molo) Charity Kathambi (Njoro), Jayne Kihara (Naivasha), David Gikaria (Nakuru East), Joseph Tunui (Kuresoi South), Liz Chelule (Woman Rep) and Senator Susan Kihika.


Governor Lee Kinyanjui who is close ally of President Kenyatta said the decision to support the President will speed up his reform agenda.

 “The realisation that the challenges facing the nation are greater than our political groupings and ambitions is a timely lesson that should be emulated,” said Mr Kinyanjui.

He added: “The need to learn from the mistakes of yesteryears and work towards a better tomorrow is wisdom per excellence.”

He said that the days ahead are bumpy and there is need for unity of purpose.  The legislators urged President Kenyatta to be wary of politicians who are out to destroy political parties from within.


The politicians, who had been fierce critics of the President, on Monday said that Kenyans had misunderstood them.

 “When we are told that we are disrespectful to the President that is not true. The truth is that we have never failed to support any of his Bills in the National Assembly and in the Senate.

But if he feels that by having a different team he will be able to deliver more for our people, we shall support him,” said Ms Kihika.

The Senator, however, faulted invitation of legislators to a Parliamentary Group (PG) meeting through short test messages.

 “We shall honour invitation from State House for a PG meeting and but the law must be followed. The law requires that if you call for a PG meeting, you are also supposed to give agenda and not through an SMS,” said Ms Kihika.

Mr Ngunjiri, another citric of the Head of State said he was willing to attend the PG meeting.


“We have no otherwise but to attend [the meeting] as Jubilee party members,” said Mr Ngunjiri.

However, he clarified that their statement does not mean that they will stop speaking about Jubilee party politics.

Ms Kathambi said that as Nakuru leaders, they were not ready to be divided by political brokers.

 “We are fully behind President Kenyatta and his deputy in realising the agenda of the Jubilee government,” said Ms Kathambi.

Mr Kimani claimed that some ‘outsiders’ are out to scuttle and split the party for their own gains.

 “Our competitors are out to disrupt Jubilee party. So let us guard it because we formed it with a vision and a mission. We should not allow other parties to come and break the party we so dearly love,” said Mr Kimani.

The Molo MP urged the President and his deputy to remain united.

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